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7 Cheap Places to Live in NYC

By James G

When you think of moving to New York, different things come to mind: jobs, culture, diversity, glamour, life, and fun. Sadly, affordable does not come to mind. The ‘Big Apple’ is known to have some of the most high-end neighbourhoods in the United States. Here we look at some cheap places to live in NYC, though of course this all depends on what you consider cheap.

You’ll find it hard to believe that the city that never sleeps has some affordable neighbourhoods too, something to consider when moving to NYC. Here’s some rock-solid evidence. These neighbourhoods are some of the most sought after in NYC and you will see why. It should be noted though cheap places to live in NYC does not mean you have to forego comfort.

·      Inwood

Quite surprisingly, one of the more affordable neighbourhoods on our list is in Manhattan. Inwood is located on the Northern edge of Manhattan. A feat that gives it a suburban feel as well as the benefits that come with New York. 

This neighbourhood has gained popularity over the years, so much so that it has gotten some nicknames, including ‘Upstate Manhattan’ and ‘brink of coolness.’ A location we have visited often over the years here at Liffey moving, it is one of the top places to live in NYC at the moment.

Among the features that make this neighbourhood, a home seekers’ top choice is the fast commute to midtown and downtown via the A-line. Other than that, it has become a favourite filming spot for numerous movies such as ‘The prodigal son,’ ‘Law and Order,’ and ‘The Politician.’ Choose one of these places to live in NYC and you may become a star.

Locals also appreciate the suburban feel of this area. With Inwood park to the West and the Hudson River beyond, what more could anyone possibly ask for? Perhaps a moving company to make your transition that much easier.

To top it all off, the median home value at Inwood is $ 410,000, which is affordable in comparison to many other places to live in NYC. Thinking of moving to Inwood then give Liffey Moving a call.

·      Sheepshead Bay

Located in Brooklyn, the median sales price at Sheepshead Bay was $365,000 as of 2019. It is known to be a neighbourhood of great diversity and culture. As a resident, you get to experience different rich cultures with the numerous restaurants, shops, and streets. Fit right into one of New Yorks most culturally diverse neighbourhoods, help make this one of the best places to live in NYC.

Bounded by Ocean Park to the West and Avenue T to the North, this neighbourhood offers a quite affordable life for dwellers. With a choice of homes and apartments, there is a lot to look forward to in Sheepshead Bay.

·      Flatlands

A visit to this area will quickly make you realize why it attracts so many people: It all boils down to the suburban feel and the simplicity of life. The look of the neighbourhood just makes you want to settle down. There are many single-family detached houses as well as row houses with small front yards.

What's more, the streets border numerous shopping streets such as Ralph and Flatland avenues so, no worries if you need to get some items from the store. If your thinking of moving and not sure what to look for in a moving company in NYC then have a look at our moving company checklist.

We believe this to be one of the best places to live in NYC with a small family.

·      Jamaica Hills

With a median sales price of $215,000, this is one of the most affordable places to live in NYC. Located in Queens, Jamaica Hills will best suit you if you want to avoid mass transport. Arguably, it is among the best places to own a car in New York. Commuting via the E and F trains takes about an hour to Midtown. On the other hand, a drive via the Grand Central Parkway takes a maximum of 45 minutes.

·      Lindenwood

If you do not need to get to Manhattan regularly, then Lindenwood is the place for you. With a median home value of $240,000, this is another one of the most affordable places to live in NYC for home seekers. For car owners, there are driveways and on-street parking, which is a plus. However, transport access is restricted to buses, which takes an hour to the city. If a longer commute for more affordable housing is your thing, then consider Lindenwood.

·      Rockaway Beach

Looking for a small oasis that does not look like New York, Rockaway Beach is the place for you. The seaside neighbourhood has a median sales price of $275,271, which is affordable given New York’s reputation. Apart from the New Yorkers that stream here during the summer, nothing about this place feels like New York. It’s a small neighbourhood with an equally small and peaceful community. You may opt to use the train for transport, but it’s also a good idea to own a car if you tend to move about that often.

Whether you are looking at a long or short distance move, Liffey moving can help make the process much easier.

·      Highbridge

As of 2019, this was the most affordable neighbourhood in New York, with a median sales price of just under $135,000. Unlike other affordable neighbourhoods, transit to Manhattan is easy and fast using the 4, B, and D trains. In just 30 minutes, you can find yourself in the city.

This neighbourhood gets its name from the newly restored 19th-century high bridge, the oldest bridge in New York. Due to the Yankee stadium’s presence, this area is flush with diversity and culture, making it a good choice for home seekers. Furthermore, the surrounding hilly neighbourhoods make it look far more attractive, something you usually don't get at these prices.

Thinking of moving to any of these places to live in NYC or anywhere within the state or across the country don’t forget to get in touch with Liffey Moving.

Article written by James G

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