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Moving Fine Art In A Very Fine Way.

A delicate piece of artwork requires a very delicate process to move it, whether that be to a new location or into storage, Liffey can handle it with the care it deserves. We're specialists when it comes to moving fine art & paintings in New York City.

If you're looking at options to move some paintings or other valuable artwork, we recommend you give us a call.
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Delicate Processes For Delicate Artwork

Artwork is often irreplaceable and is most vulnerable while in transit. Special provisions should be considered when art and antiques are required to be moved and transported. Liffey can advise on the relocation, transportation and logistics of your most valuable possessions.

Liffey strongly advises that high end art work should be crated individually and stored in a temperature and climate controlled storage unit which we offer on site.
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Moving Blankets

Protection for valuable artwork

Liffey recommends the use of custom crating for valuable art and sculptured pieces. The Liffey carpentry workshop located at 234 East 121st Street can tailor crates to suit your moving needs. Choose Liffey for your next crate for your chandelier, our Relocation Coordinators will notate and measure up the more sanative objects during the course of a the moving assessment and inform our carpenters of the measurements and quantities required in order that adequate preparations can be made by Liffey on your moving day.

Liffey crates are constructed for strength using quality sourced timber. A variety of interior foams are available, depending on the medium of the art. All crates are competitively priced and will last for many years of travel or storage. Crates can be packed, painted and customized to suit your delivery specifications. Identification and track and trace labelling is completed as standard.
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We'll treat your artwork like it's our own.

Let Us Move Your Artwork.

Don't take a chance on the irreplaceable.

We are highly experienced in the handling and moving of valuable artwork and the storage of such. We have a facility custom built on site to dry store artwork & maintain it throughout your time with us.
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