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Choosing the right NYC moving company for you

By James G

Moving in NYC is a demanding and stressful exercise. It requires a substantial amount of investment for everything to go to plan.

However, choosing the wrong moving company will make the experience a whole lot worse. A reputable NYC moving company, Liffey Van Lines has been in business for over 45 years, so we know the ups and downs.

Here are a few things to look out for:

Get referrals for NYC moving companies

Narrowing down to a list of reputable New York moving companies just by searching on the internet is a hard thing to do.

Look for some referrals before committing to just any New York moving company. Start by asking your friends, co-workers, and family. Chances are that one or two people around you may have moved recently.

Make sure they offer an 'In-person Inventory Estimation'

Look for companies that send an estimator to look at your belongings. This individual should be thorough in checking all your items and where they are stored. Why? This helps in getting an inventory of the items to be moved.

Your NY mover will then know the bulk and weight of the entire process. The estimator should be thorough by asking questions on what is to be moved and what is to be sold or donated. One red flag to watch out for is an NYC moving company that is not willing to do an inventory.

In-person inventories have been reduced due to COVID-19, so where possible Liffey Van Lines will do a virtual survey.

Ensure you have a copy of the contract

A good NYC moving company should offer different contracts depending on the type of move. Also, don’t just go signing everything without understanding what you’re getting yourself into. Request for time to read the contract, and while you do this, research the different types of moving contracts.

You will see that Liffey Van Lines offer a wide variety of packages from commercial moving to long haul moving and speciality item moving. This allows us to provide our clients with complete and secure moving options.

Your selection should be based on your moving needs

Before choosing an NYC moving company, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. For instance, where are you moving to? Is it a local move or an interstate move? Also, do you have any sort of equipment that might need specialized skills? Lastly, do you require additional services like packing?

By answering these it will help you figure out the package you need, the expertise involved and the best NYC moving company to choose for your move.

Article written by James G

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