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How to Save Money on Your Long-Distance Move

By James

Moving any distance is never easy, but it becomes more complicated, and more expensive, if you are looking towards a long-distance move. If you are packing up and hauling your belongings all the way to the opposite coast, you’re bound to pay a pretty penny. With that being said, there’s plenty you can do to save some money and cut down on the total price tag. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to complete your long-distance move on a budget.

Purge Your House Of Unnecessary Belongings

The more weight you end up moving to your new home, the more you’ll have to pay. The simplest way to cut down in costs is by limiting how much stuff you take with you. Of course, you’re going to want to bring the majority of your belongings with you. This is natural, since your possessions have sentimental value and will make your new lodgings feel like home. There are probably some items, however, that serve no real purpose and that you could easily part with. Rather than unnecessarily hauling these possessions hundreds of miles, consider getting rid of them before the move.

You can probably sell what still has value, giving you some extra cash to put toward your long-distance move. There are charities that would likely take the rest of your extraneous belongings.

Pack Carefully

You can make your long-distance move easier and cheaper by consolidating all your belongings into the smallest amount of space possible. This means filling every box to the rim and being strategic about how you pack. Organizing your possessions is a bit like playing tetris or completing a jigsaw puzzle. Take the shapes of the items into account, organizing every box so the total space is maximized. Also, make sure you use plenty of paper when packing fragile items. Broken plates and electronics will have to be replaced, bumping up the overall price of the move.

Find Cheap (Or Free) Packing Supplies

You’ll likely end up using more boxes than you had imagined. You’ll also need lots of tape, markers, and labels. At hefty prices, all this material adds up quickly. Do some shopping around to make sure you’re finding the best discounts available. You should also try to hunt down some free boxes. If you know anyone who operates a small business or works in retail, they might have plenty of cardboard they’d be happy to get off their hands.

Get Quotes From Several Different Moving Companies

If you want to get a good price from the long-distance movers, then you’ll have to ask around and compare estimates. Simply going with the first company you find is a recipe for overpaying. Start your search months in advance so you have plenty of time to play the field. You never know whether there’s a company that is offering a special discount. By asking around, you’ll assure you get the best possible deal.

Book Your Movers Early

You’ll have a much harder time getting a decent price from your movers if you book their services at the last minute. When you reserve months in advance, you’re giving the company something of value: assured income. This makes it more likely that you’ll get a discount price. If you call right before the long-distance move, you’ll force the company to scramble and make rapid-fire adjustments to their schedule. To make it worth their while all the same, they’ll likely jack up the price.

Move During The Winter Or Early Spring

Like any business, moving has both a busy season and an off-season. More people move during the summer, and the high demand can increase prices. Movers often struggle to stay busy during the winter and early spring, meaning you can get discounts and exceptional service.

Drive Your Car, Don’t Ship It

It is often tempting to fly across the country and ship your car, thereby saving yourself a long, tiring drive. This might be the easiest solution, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest. Driving your car to your new home will save you money, and, with the right attitude, it could be even be a lot of fun.

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Article written by James

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