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The 10 Best Website Apps for Finding a Home in NYC

By James

Many would agree that New York City is one of the most sought-after locations to live in the US. Despite the cost of living reaching new highs each month, there are still plenty of affordable locations throughout NYC.

Here are some of the best apps for finding a home in NYC:

1.   Zillow

This is the most popular app for people looking for homes in NYC.

If you have ever searched for rental apartments in New York, chances are that you've come across this app a few times. Apart from being easy to use, Zillow allows users to search for any kind of home within NYC.

Easily one of the best apps for finding a home and many of our customers here at Liffey Moving have recommended this app.

2.   StreetEasy

StreetEasy ranks highly among the best NYC listings aggregator platforms, and thus one of the best apps for finding a home.

This app is ideal for anyone seeking to rent, sell, or buy an apartment in NYC. With a vast real estate listings database, this highly curated platform allows users to track sales and rentals. If it's an apartment you want, StreetEasy has what you are looking for.

3. Zumper

Zumper is among the few straightforward web applications that allow users to narrow down their searches quickly. Users can search for homes by price, neighbourhood, bedrooms required, and amenities. With a simple layout and the capability to check out new listings and scheduling tours, who wouldn't download this app?

Being one of the best apps for finding a home in NYC, Zumper will also allow you to track rental trends across the city. A great tool for those seeking a valuable investment.

4. Renthop

Whichever borough tickles your fancy, this highly curated platform can help you out quickly. This web application comes with 3D floorplans, pictures, and addresses of apartments all over NYC.

For users who like to check out new listings in real-time, this app has that option. The app provides information about the date of listing and the managers' reputation for all apartments online.

5. Hotpads

For realtors seeking an app that avails both Apartments and affordable rooms to rent, Hotpads is an ideal platform. Users can rely on this as one of the best apps for finding a home NYC. Unlike other apps, information updates are done regularly, and all listings occupied are promptly removed.

6. Pad Mapper

Sometimes the best thing you need when looking for a house in NYC is an app that makes work easier. As its name suggests, this platform has an amazingly simple interface and is well-organized around a map encompassing all NYC boroughs. Navigating this app is quite easy and comes with all the features you would expect from apps for finding homes in NYC.

7. Roomi

Given the cost of living in NYC, living with a roommate is not such a bad idea, right? This platform makes it easy for its users to find rooms to rent as well as roommates.

With an in-app messaging feature, secure payment system, and background checks, this app is ideal for anyone seeking to stay in NYC on a budget.

Our customers find this is one of the best apps for finding a home in NYC when they are new to the city. You can check out potential roommates and see if you will be a good fit before moving in.

8. Naked Apartments

Who wouldn't like an app that lets them search for apartments within their affordable price range? Apart from allowing users to search for houses within their budget, users can also input the number of bedrooms they'd like.

The standout feature of this web application is email notifications functionality that provides real-time updates of houses that meet your search needs.

For those with a busy schedule, this notification system comes in very handy and separates Naked Apartments as one of the ten best apps for finding a home.

9. MyNewPlace

This platform comes with a variety of interesting features. It provides detailed information to users about rental apartments in NYC as well as 3D floor plans. With interactive mapping capabilities, both android and iPhone users can easily locate their ideal apartment.

Just remember to take your time when searching for your dream home in NYC.

10. Redfin

When it comes to finding an ideal apartment, everyone would prefer a site with updated information. Redfin auto-updates its listings every 15 minutes so that users can have the latest information on available apartments. Also, the app gives free home tours via their local agents.

Another one of the better apps for finding a home in NYC, we think auto-updating is ideal. Saving on frustration and time constraints, Redfin is an ideal app for the savvy home seeker.


Whether it is your first time in New York or are a long-time resident, these apps for finding a home in NYC are guaranteed to get you an ideal apartment. The good thing about these apps is that they are available for both android and iPhone users. Why waste time moving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood looking for an apartment when an app does it all for you?

Once you have found your dream home and you need assistance with moving and storage don’t forget to contact Liffey Moving for all your moving needs.

Article written by James

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