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Planning a winter move in NYC | Best tips for seasonal moves

By James

As we begin to move into the colder months, planning a winter move in NYC may not be at the top of your list. But life happens and it may be necessary to move your home or office throughout the city in colder months.

What are the pitfalls or positives of planning a winter move in NYC? Well, Liffey moving is here to answer those questions and make planning a winter move in NYC much easier.

The benefits of planning a winter move in NYC

Rental Prices:

Rent prices drop considerably during the winter months as people move to warmer climes, plan home visits or simply move cross-country from New York City. If you have patience and time on your side, you can find a great place to live or even office space for a reasonable price.

Hiring professional movers:

Liffey Moving have more capacity during winter months. When you have an idea of the date for your move, let our team know.

Choosing the right moving company means looking for professionals with vast experience, especially when planning a winter move in NYC and that is what you get with us.

Moving day:

Often, it can be difficult to know exactly when to move as the windows to do so are pretty tight. During the winter months, you may be able to spread your move over several days, accounting for the weather and building management.

This takes the pressure off yourself and allows for leeway in unpacking and moving. Be sure to check with your property management and your moving company to ensure the days align.

The challenges of planning winter a move in NYC

The weather:

Snow and heavy rains during winter in NYC can hamper moves. Your loading bays and access ways must be clean and clear for your moving company. We will provide all the equipment and team members necessary for a move, but access is important.

Additional planning and packing:

Planning a winter move in NYC means you will have to pack a little differently. You will want your warm clothes and bedclothes easily-accessible. You also need to ensure that your heating systems are set up for a comfortable first few days in your new premises. Forgetting some utilities during the summer months may be risky, but during winter they are a necessity.

Utility costs:

Though planning a winter move will allow you to save on costs in terms of rent, it is important to remember you will probably use a few more utilities than normal. This won’t be a massive amount, but if you have just moved to New York City you may get a fright for your first few month’s bills. Be sure to account for this during your move.

Tips for planning a winter move in NYC:

1. Pack correctly:

As already mentioned, you will have to pack a little differently during your winter move. Pack your essentials first, warm clothes and other utensils you’ll be opening first and have these set aside for your moving company.

2. Expect delays:

The weather, unsafe loading areas and heavy rain can cause delays. Account for these and don’t get too frustrated when delays do occur. We have been in the business for years and we account for delays during every move.

3. Coordinate:

As you are planning a winter move in NYC you may encounter quite a few holidays. It’s important to coordinate with building officials so access is possible and that you have enough time to conduct your move. Buildings may be closed or off limits on certain days, so it is up to you to communicate effectively.

4. Self-storage:

We provide storage options for our customers which may be an ideal situation during winter. This is perfect if you are downsizing or simply want to keep your winter move as simple as possible. Get in touch with the our team and we can discuss your storage options.

5. Pack correctly:

Ask us how to pack certain items if you are unsure and have the best packing items on hand. We can supply packing boxes and other equipment when required, but you may need specific packing items for white-glove items. Ask our team and we will be happy to help.

As you can see planning a winter move in NYC comes with a few difficulties, but these are manageable. Winter moving can work in your favour when planned correctly and with the right New York City moving company.

Article written by James

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