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Offseason moving NYC | How you can save money

By James

Picking the right time to move can help save a lot of headaches - which is why choosing offseason moving might benefit you.

Peak and offseason moving in New York City falls generally into the two seasons of winter and summer moving. Each comes with its pros and cons.

Of course, it is up to you to decide when is a good time to move, whether it is an office or home move. The caveats are almost the same for peak and offseason moving in NYC. Everything is based on price, space and availability.

When deciding on the ideal time for a move, here are a few factors to help you decide which season might be best for you.

Peak and Offseason Moving In New York City

1. The Weather

Like its people, the weather in New York is not known for being mellow. The mover is presented with two unenviable choices: moving in the beating sunshine or the freezing cold.

In New York City, the reasonable unpredictability of the weather between September and March means that this tends to be the quieter season. Thus, offseason moving in NYC can be found here - meaning quieter companies and potentially better prices to be negotiated.

On the flip side, the warmer summer months are considered peak seasons. The majority of people prefer to move when the sky is blue and the weather is a little more predictable.

Therefore, offseason moving can be the easier and more cost-effective way of moving home or office..

2. Lease costs

If you are looking at a commercial or office move - something we at Liffey specialise in - then one thing to consider is the price differentials in leases.

Companies are advised to look at signing a lease during autumn and spring, known for low rental prices in the city. Office rent begins to hike in May, peaking in July.

Should you wish to save on office space or find lower rental costs, then offseason moving might be of particular benefit to you.

3. Availability

Rental activity always surges during summer. When moving, there is always the concern of available space. Availability in New York city flows throughout the year, with some months having more free space than others.

Office spaces tend to open up more during July and a few months before or after. This is when rental prices are at their peak. Availability of office space to rent starts dipping through fall and tends to bottom out in December.

4. Pick the right day

In New York City, most lease contracts terminate at the end of the month. It makes the last few days of each month and the first few of the new month peak seasons for office relocations. On these days, movers are in the highest demand .

Moving mid-month will most likely give a chance to negotiate lower prices with movers because they’re in low demand.

Snagging the best moving company:

At Liffey, we work with you to get the best and easiest move, whether you are offseason moving or doing so at the height of the year.

As with any moving company in New York City, we would love your business. But we are also acutely aware that everyone is being 'sold' all of the time, and it can be difficult to know who to trust.

Have a look at what our existing and past customers say about us on our reviews page - that way you can get a sense of whether Liffey's fifty years of service is right for you, too.

If you decide that we are, our customer service team are on hand right now to give you a sense of how we can help - and there's no obligation to go with us if you are not fully satisfied.

Article written by James

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