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Office Moving Tips 101- The perfect guide to get moving

By James

Finding an office space in NYC can be challenging, you need the space, the location, the price and the amenities nearby to ensure everything runs successfully. If you manage all of this, you certainly want your move to be a simple affair. Our office moving tips are easy and straight to the point.

Liffey Moving has put together this list of office moving tips to make your life easier and ensure a great transition into your new work home.

Excite your employees with a new location and use the professionals at Liffey Moving to assist you in any way we can.



The logistics of an office move can be quite complicated depending on the size of your business. You need to move outside of office hours, minimise workflow disruptions and hire the right moving company with the right equipment for a smooth move.

Of all our office moving tips, planning and giving yourself enough time is the most important part. With the right NYC moving company on your side, you can ensure everything goes according to plan.

Notify your employees:

This goes without saying, but your staff need to know about your move well in advance. They may need to make alternative travel arrangements, pack personal items, arrange their days in a way that works for them.

Before you call your New York City moving team it might be better to let your staff know of the move and why it's occurring. These changes affect more than just your location.

Give your employees a tour of the new premises and excite them about the upcoming move. With your employees ready to go the rest of our office moving tips should be easy to follow.

Ensure safety:

With so many moving parts in a New York City office move, your most valuable equipment and data must be successfully stored away. Save data onto cloud servers and hard disks and properly pack and label your valuable equipment to ensure your movers take added care.

Should delays or accidents occur, at least with your important data stored you can continue business while the issues are resolved? If all else fails ensure this is the office moving tip you follow, so your business stays operational.

Hire the right moving company:

Another prime office moving tip is to hire professionals with vast experience in office moving. You need qualified, insured and experienced professionals to help you. That is what you get at Liffey Moving.

Office moves require specialist equipment, the right transport and larger crews than others move. We have all of that and more at Liffey Moving. By hiring the right moving company, we can assist you with many office moving tips that can save you time and money.

Order new inventory:

One of the best office moving tips and one we note employees love is new equipment and stationery in their office.

We don’t mean a whole array of new laptops, but simple things such as water dispensers, pens, paper cabinets etc can make a massive difference in a new office. Shop around look, for items that match your business or better yet hire an interior designer.

Your move should be the start of something new. Liffey moving can transport all you need, but you need to give it that personality.

Label correctly:

This goes for every move that we do, but labelling items is of massive importance: who items belong to, the department, where it is going etc is all valuables information that makes your move easier.

We can pack and unload in the right place saving time and stress and ensure your office is in working order in no time. To do this, we kneed the correct labels in place.

Another of our office moving tips is to pack bulky and fragile items separately. You'll be surprised how often this is ignored.

Have extra cables:

No matter how well you pack, small but important items can go missing. Power cables and charges are important for any office, and these are the items which we are often left searching for.

While you are looking for these, it's good to have some spare chargers and cables at the ready so you can get to work.

We suggest having a box designated for extra use and you should put this in a safe location that will be untouched. That way if there are delays you can still get to work.

Have your utilities set-up:

Due to the short turnaround time for many office moves, it’s important to have all your utilities set up and ready to go. Ensure your power and other services are working throughout your building. Have property supervisors and maintenance services numbers in case of any unforeseen events.

You can check out our blog for more office moving tips and tricks to help with your move.

Article written by James

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