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Office moves | 5 ways to get your employees excited

By James

If you're looking at office moves, it's best to keep the people who work for you in mind and engaged.

At Liffey Van Lines, we have had people at the heart of our business since 1975, so we know how to take care of employees.

Here we give you few handy tips, from experience, on keeping your workers interested in the office move.

Talk to them about the office move

You know your people best - what works with one person might not work with another. Communicating the reasons for office moves helps people feel like they have a say in the process.

You can do this in a way that fits your business. Maybe you want to film a short video - one that shows the new space. You can take photos, set it to music - have fun with it. 

At Liffey Van Lines, we've built a few contacts on the videography and photography side over the years - feel free to give us a shout.

Let them know what kind of timeframe you're looking at, and how you'll be able to help them prepare. Keep in mind that you're excited about this office move, so try to get that across!

Don't rush

A new office means new routes to work, it might even mean changes to childcare arrangements. Give your people enough time to get used to the idea.

The best way is to get your moving date, and plan backwards. When do you need to let people know? What do you need to prepare? 

These can be tricky questions, but Liffey Moving are here to help.

We've been moving New Yorkers for 45 years - trust us when we say we've seen everything!

Get them excited

Everyone likes a party, right? So let employees know that once you're in the new office, you guys can celebrate!

Office moves can also be a great way to introduce people that might not get much face time with each other. 

Mixing up your teams, getting people to buddy up and help out can actually turn it into a handy team-bonding experience!

Get their thoughts

No-one likes endless email chains - they're the bane of office life.

So when you're looking to get employee feedback, you can run a very quick survey on what people need for office moves. Maybe they have physical concerns, they might have bulky items or specific needs.

Using SurveyMonkey, you can run a quick poll with your people to see who needs what, and act accordingly. 

Don't worry - it's free!

Find a Professional Office Mover

Alright, you got us.

We aren't just giving you tips. Well, we are - but we can also take the hassle and drama out of the office move experienceif you want to give us a call.

Liffey Van Lines have the people and the experience to get your business moving, so you can get your business moving.

Why not give us a call and see what we can do?

Article written by James

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