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The 3 best ways to choose an office mover in NYC

By James

When you choose an office mover you want one with a stellar reputation, the experience and know-how to navigate the mean streets of New York City.

Office moves are frequent in businesses, especially for small enterprises that outgrow their original space. Finding the right office mover is crucial - at Liffey, we listen to your needs and tailor our plan to you.

Some of our most frequent clients are businesses growing rapidly in New York, ones that are looking to move from place to place as they scale their business - and they chose us as their office mover.

Whatever your reason for the move, it is important to choose an office mover that meets your business' requirements - one that finds out your needs and is flexible.

Here are our tips:

How to choose an office mover

1.   Do your research

Before deciding the company you want to use, ensure you conduct thorough research, including their quotation and client history. An excellent place to start would be their Google reviews or any other trusted business listing website.

When you look at company reviews, it will give you hints into some areas to note, such as efficiency and timeliness. When you choose an office mover and do quality research it helps you:

  • Understand the firm you are going to deal with. You should try and find out how the firm sets its price. The office movers must walk you through how they will handle fragile and bulky items. This includes enquiring about the terms of payment and whether there are any extra charges. You can find plenty of information about how Liffey Moving conducts business further in our blog.
  • Get different quotes online to compare. This research will provide several options. You can enquire about the quotes and ensure that they cover everything you need. You will want to clarify everything on the quotation before you decide on any company. Speciality item incur heavier fees so be sure to let your moving company know of any specialist items.
  • It also offers an opportunity to evaluate the company’s reputation. There is a lot to learn through a company’s customer service from the way they handle you and the questions you ask. This should also give you an idea of how it would feel working with them. Just so you know we are happy to answer all of your questions here at Liffey Moving.

2.   Recommendations

This is probably one of the easiest ways to choose an office mover. Get recommendations from the people you trust. We suggest this for all of our services, from white-glove moving to storage.

At Liffey, we believe that what we say about our company pales in comparison to our customers - so check out what they have to say about us on our reviews page.

Family and Friends

You can start by asking friends or relatives for a reputable moving company they have worked with before. This way you can build up a list of a few different options.

Other Businesses

If you are friends with other business owners, they may be able to refer you to a good moving company. However, do several consultations before deciding on the ideal service provider for you.

Your needs may differ from these companies. Some moving companies in NYC may not be willing, or unable, to handle certain goods and products.

At Liffey, we have white-glove specialists for all manner of delicate and important furniture.

3.   Ask about storage

In some cases, an office renovation in your new building may delay moving. In other words, restructuring would require storage before you move into the new premises.

Most moving companies have storage options, such as here at Liffey, or they will have partnerships with storage facilities around the city.

Give Liffey a call

Alright, you got us.

At Liffey, we have nearly 50 years' experience moving thousands of businesses around New York City and beyond - as office movers go, we've got the chops.

Why not get a free consultation and quote from our customer service team? See what we can offer, and there's no obligation.

Article written by James

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