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Moving a home gym? 3 ways to pack

By James

If you are lucky enough to have a home gym, whether it is a few kettlebells or yoga mats or a fully equipped gym, moving a home gym may pose some challenges.

The weight and shape of home gym equipment can create a few challenges when moving. Liffey Moving has provided several methods that may make your move easier to plan and execute.

The best methods for moving a home gym

Hire the right moving company:

Hiring a moving company is arguably the easiest way to move your equipment. If you hire a moving company for your home or office, then use them for moving a home gym also.

When arranging your quote make sure to mention your home gym and the equipment you have.

The size, weight and design all impact the packing and moving process.

You may incur additional charges if disassembly and reassembly are required.

Using a registered and insured moving company will offset any damages and issues with missing pieces that cannot be done with a DIY job.

3 ways to move a home gym

The following are some useful guidelines that will benefit both you and you’re moving common.

Clean your gym equipment:

Gyms are home to a host of bacteria and other unpleasantness that you will not want to bring to your new home. It’s important to clean and sanitise all your equipment before your big move. This is beneficial and healthy for you and your moving company.

Moving a home gym when it it feels brand-new will make it all the nicer when unpacking in your new home.

Pack and label everything:

Moving all the parts of your gym, from light skipping ropes to heavier free weights requires proper packing and labelling. This way, items will not go missing and you can safely transport your gym.

Ensure you use the correct packing boxes, use cardboard or plastic far heavier items.

Label heavier items. This reduces injury and damage.

Disassemble items when possible or wait for your professional moving company.

We recommend using moving mats and plastic wrap to protect your gym requirement, walls and floors.

Moving a home gym safely:

Once packed it is important when moving your home gym equipment to do so safely.

While it can be done by yourself and with care, it is often better to leave it to the experts - as long as they know what they will be dealing with well in advance.

Moving items by hand:

Small items from yoga mats to free weights can be moved by hand when packed correctly.

Use bags, cardboard boxes and heavy-duty boxes depending on the item. Have weight distributed equally and boxes labelled correctly.

You can move most items with the help of individuals or your professional movers. Use dollies on multiple boxes and heavy items.

Moving treadmills, bench presses etc:

Many home gym items are now collapsible and can be disassembled to be moved more easily.

They are still bulky and require the use of labour. It’s important to use moving mats where possible both to protect your floors and to help make transportation easier.

Slide the mats underneath the items for moving and slowly move across the surface of your floor doing your best to avoid damaging any wooden floors and carpets.

Things to keep in mind when moving your home gym:


Whatever moving company you choose to go with, they must adequately insure. Moving a home gym can be difficult and accidents can occur. Injuries and damages protected by insurance are much easier to manage.

Liffey Moving is fully insured for all operations and we have an incredible accident-free record.

Spare parts:

No matter how careful you are with your gym equipment it is very likely screws will go missing or some small items misplaced. Ensure the safety of all your equipment before you start to exercise again, if you feel it is unsafe to stop exercising and call in the professional to discover the issue.

Moving costs:

As they are a specialised item, moving a home gym often comes with additional costs. Talk to your moving company about this additional cost so you know where your money is going. Assembly, packing and transportation may all incur additional fees for gym equipment.

Get in touch:

Should you need assistance moving a home gym move get in touch with the professionals at Liffey moving today.

Article written by James

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