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6 Typically Lost Items When Moving.

By James

As humans, we are not perfect and are bound to forget something as we relocate to our new homes. This is regardless of whether you decide to make a moving checklist or create an inventory. lost items can be a major inconvenience.

Moving involves a lot of different parts and it's not uncommon to misplace or lose items when moving. At Liffey Moving we have put together a list of commonly lost items so maybe this time you won’t forget them.

What are the commonly lost items that you need to remember on moving day?

1.    Your Important Documents

Most individuals will focus on loading their furniture, electrical appliances, and clothes and forget about the vital documents that they will require in their new home. This ranges from everything including driving licenses, insurance documents, bank details etc.

You will also need your new home's documents. Mortgage details, title deeds, or tenant contracts are some of the most critical. You do not want to miss any of these after your move. Ensure you place them in a folder before your move.

Whatever you do ensure this folder does not become one of your lost items.

2.    Medication

Medicines are another commonly lost item during a move. The day of relocating to your new home can be busy. It is easy to not check some of your drawers, especially for items you had to leave out of your packing boxes.

We recommend putting your medicines into an area that is safe from children but still within eyesight, so you remember to pick them up.

At Liffey Moving we will often do a final quick sweep of your home to ensure each room is free, but we often recommend our customers do it also to keep lost items to a minimum.

3.    Seasonal Items

Chances are that you store your seasonal items in areas where you won’t see them most of the time, such as the attic or other storage locations.

Seasonal items including holiday decorations and costumes for Halloween etc are often forgotten. Chances are that after you have relocated, you will need them when the time comes and must go back for them if possible.

To avoid such problems ensure you look through all your storage location before you move.

4.    Valuables

Usually, most individuals store their valuables in secret areas that can easily be forgotten during a move. Be sure to pack them in your essential boxes before your move to avoid forgetting them.

Although we can move anything put in front of us, we understand the need for safety when it comes to valuables such as jewellery or money.

Be sure that these items do not make it onto your lost items list. Carry them on your person or place them into a safe storage location during your move.

5.    Chargers

Perhaps the most well-known and troublesome item to forget is chargers and cables. Be they for mobiles or your computer forgetting a cable or misplacing them during a move can be a major headache.

Try to offset this by placing all your important chargers into one box. If you have spares, keep them separate just in case the worst does eventually happen.

6.    Clothing

With each room being packed individually, it may come as no surprise that clothing becomes a major issue when moving home. We recommend sorting clothing in each room by what you will keep what is going into the garbage and what will be donated. Ensure each box is properly labelled and placed in the right area.

The last thing you want is to pack all your designer gear into one bag and leave it out for the garbage man.

To save any arguments with your kids, perhaps help them pack their clothes also. It will also be a great time to lose some items on purpose if given the opportunity.

What should you do if you have a lost item:

Lost items during a move can be a nerve-racking experience and probably one that most people think about the most. If you have noticed that you have lost an item, be sure to contact your moving company immediately, often lost items have been misplaced or you are simply looking in the wrong room.

If you are sure then the items are lost then file a complaint with your moving company, they will usually have a system in place for such an event.

If you need to avail of storage solution’s during your move, Liffey Moving are happy to assist with whatever you need. From short term to long term solutions, we have you covered.

Article written by James

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