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Decluttering | The best ways to reduce the stress of moving

By James

It's the old adage: moving can be one of the most stressful experiences of our lives. But only if you're doing it wrong. At Liffey Van Lines, we've developed a few decluttering hacks over the years to make things a little easier.

Aren't we nice, huh?


Yes or no piles

The best place to start decluttering is to separate out the things that you patently do not need, from the things that you do. That can be hard when we start to accrue things after months or years of living in one spot.

Whether you are in the bedroom, living room or bathroom, there will be things that you have that you know deep down you don't need.

That is the best place to start, according to Julia Pinsky of the Pinsky Project. It was after a decade and a half in New York City that Julia started her business based on decluttering and improving people's lives.

Decluttering helps to improve focus, as less stuff means fewer things to take your attention away from work or relationships.

Julia is also available for consultation if you need a fresh eye over your new place.


In your mind’s eye, picture what you want your new space to look like. Get inspiration from pictures or scenes you have seen.

Joshua Becker of ‘Becoming Minimalist’ recommends having a friend to help, so that someone can cast a fresh eye on your rooms.

Two heads are better than one - but it makes things a little easier when someone who is not involved in the moving process can give you a fresh take. It's amazing the difference that a new pair of eyes can make.

Make the time

Even the most relaxed individuals can struggle to see the wood for the trees when moving to a new place. Designate a day or two to go through your things, giving yourself time to work in stages through the stuff you have left.

Go from the most obvious, to the more contentious. The time will be well-spent when you look at the results at the end of your move. You'll also feel great about being able to drop off much-needed items to thrift shops. Who knows? Your old stuff could be worn by a hipster within a week!

The four box method

Label four boxes, like this: ‘Rubbish’, ‘Relocate’, ‘Keep’ and 'Donate.'

Every item you pick up should be put into one of these boxes. The key is to stay mindful with what is in your hand and to ask yourself: what is it that you really need? What can you do without?


If you are looking at decluttering because you are moving, then Liffey Van Lines might be able to help. We have been moving people all over New York - from all over the world - for over 45 years.

If you want to give us a call and see what we can do for you, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

 If you are looking to move into, or around, New York - get a free quote and give us a call.

Article written by James

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