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Top 5 Best Neighborhoods in the New York

By James

New York City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Despite being densely-populated, it boasts exquisite architecture and magnificent parks.

Separated into five boroughs - Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn - the city has many choices for housing.

Liffey Moving has put together this list of the 5 best neighborhoods in New York, choosing one from each.

Our choice of the best neighborhoods in New York to live in each have their own unique architecture, amenities and rental fees, in addition to transportation options and schools - everything you need to live well.

The 5 best neighborhoods in New York

1.   Jackson Heights, Queens

This neighborhood has diverse cultures with many residents being born outside the US. There are close to 167 languages spoken in the area. If you want to find the best neighborhoods in New York with affordable apartments, Jackson Heights would be one of your best options. The average rent in this neighborhood is about $2300 monthly.

Located in central Queens, it has access to five subway stops, making it easy to get to other areas of New York quickly. It also has beautiful playgrounds such as Travers Park. If you are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, then this should be it.

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2.   Upper West Side, Manhattan

Upper West Side is one of the greenest areas in Manhattan, with two beautiful main parks surrounding the area, Riverside Park and Central Park. Again, this area is ideal for families. This neighborhood represents class; it is pricey but worth it. The average rent rate goes for $4249.

Additionally, it is home to one of the best universities globally - Columbia- and also houses the American Museum of Natural History. If you have the money to live here, it is a shoo-in for one of the best neighborhoods in New York.

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Of the 5 best neighborhoods in New York, this is one of the most expensive but offers the best quality of life.

3.   Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Home to Polish and Irish immigrants, Greenpoint is a beautiful quiet neighborhood with brilliant art culture. The area began as a waterfront neighborhood with lots of industrial warehouse works but it has rapidly progressed. The area is lacking in public transportation, something to consider when moving.

The area has many beautiful condominiums that go for an average of $3600 in rent. Greenpoint is also one of the most up and coming of the 5 best neighborhoods in the boughs of New York. We have seen a steady stream of moving to this area in recent years.

4.   Mott Haven, Bronx

As Forbes acknowledges, Mott Haven looks to revive the Bronx back to its glory days in the early decades of the 20th century. The community has impressive architecture comprising of brickwork and contemporary buildings that are coming up every day. Moreover, the neighborhood boasts green parks like St. Mary’s Park and vibrant entertainment locations. Regarding accessibility, you can quickly get to midtown via the subway in less than 30 mins. The average rent rate is $2000, with some demanding areas going for as high as $3600.

With a lot of flexibility in housing, this should be one to watch if you have time to examine all the 5 best neighborhoods in New York.

5.   Great Kills, Staten Island

This neighborhood is located on the southeast side of Staten Island. The area consists of middle and upper-middle-class. Most people in this neighborhood are homeowners, giving the area a mixture of urban and suburban feeling. Owning a condominium can cost you up to $300,000. Moreover, Great Kills boasts many beautiful beaches like New Dorp Beach and Fox Beach. Transportation is via rail or road and takes about 40mins to get to the Staten Island Ferry or St. George Ferry Terminal.

For most of our customers Staten Island is just that bit too far, however, it’s always worth checking out as possibilities always arise across New York.


These are just our picks of the 5 best neighborhoods in New York, there are many more beautiful neighborhoods not mentioned here.

The 5 best neighbourhoods in the boroughs mentioned above stand out in terms of the architecture and facilities they offer.

Article written by James

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