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Living room packing | The 3 best tips for moving home

By James

This living room packing guide is part of the Liffey Moving series on room-by-room packing.

So far, we have covered how to pack your bedroom and how to pack your bathroom.

This living room packing guide will focus on one of the most used rooms in any home or apartment.

The living room is where you come to relax with your family and friends, making it extra important to pack everything securely when you are on the move.

Liffey Moving’s living room packing guide will break down some of the essential and easy-to-follow methods of packing your living room.

The simple guide to packing your Living room


As with each of our steps, it is important to declutter all the unwanted or unused items in your living room.

This can include old CD cases, magazines, books and unused electronics.

A lot of this will be welcomed by charities or thrift shops, or can be given to friends and family.

You should take your time to go through each item and put them into groups of wanted and unwanted items.

If you have large furniture that you will not be bringing with you, put it on Facebook Marketplace or similar sites.

Perhaps have friends come over to go through your unwanted items and they might find something of use.

Living Room Packing: Item-by-item

The living room contains an array of different items, so it is important to pack each according to their use.


When organising your living room packing, it is important to place all your electronics and their spare parts into the same box.

This ensures that no items end up lost during the move and that you can quickly assemble your electronic items once you begin unpacking.

Tape loose batteries together and place all TVs, radios, speakers etc within the same box or similar-sized boxes.

Ensure you label each item so the Liffey Moving team know where to place each item and to add extra care for fragile pieces.

Liffey Moving can provide you with many of the packing items that you need such as cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and filling paper.


Furniture will make up the vast majority of your living room packing plan.
It’s important to empty all cabinets and storage places.

Divide your furniture into sections where possible and disassemble any easy to manage pieces such as coffee tables and small cabinets. If you have issues with disassembling any furniture the Liffey Moving team will be happy to help.

Liffey moving will shrink wrap much of your furniture, but if there are any particularly important items such as antique furniture, please label it properly so we can add extra care to these items.

Have a bag of screws, tools and spare parts on hand for reassembly in your new home.

Artwork, Pictures and Figurines:

Small and breakable items need to be securely packed away.

Warp each item in wrapping paper and place it into boxes of the right size, with filler pieces in between. This will hold them in place while on the move through New York or to your new long-distance destination.

Again, it’s important to label these items so we place them in secure holds, so they receive some added protection.


Remember to take your time when packing your living room there are a lot of small loose parts to consider.

Should you have any questions about your living room packing guide feel free to get in touch with Liffey Moving at any time.

Also, check out our other packing guides for each room of your home, this should make the packing and moving process easier.

Article written by James

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