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Bathroom packing | The 4 best ways to move your stuff

By James

This bathroom packing guide is part of Liffey Moving's room-by-room packing series, designed to help you with what can be a stressful time.

Bathroom packing is - thankfully - one of the easier things to do because you cannot take a sink and a bath with you!

With any luck, this bathroom packing guide will help you pull together what you need in a matter of hours.

1. Declutter: The number one rule

The number one rule for packing any room is to declutter as much as possible.

This makes packing easier and allows you to discard any unnecessary items and reduce expenses and how many loads you need to transport to your new home.

Dump all those unnecessary bottles of shampoo and conditioner, along with those bars of soap and old cosmetics that you have only rediscovered during the packing process.

If nothing else, bathroom packing helps you realise quite how much stuff we go through!

Those items can often be bulky, adding unnecessary weight and they can leak if not packed correctly. Why add these items when it is often easier and cheaper to buy more after you move?

If your items are unnecessary or unusable then here are some ways to safely recycle them.

Those with some value can be donated or given to friends and family so there is even less waste.

For medical items and medication check the expiry dates and dispose of unused items safely, as some of these will need to be kept out of reach of children.

Important medication needs to be packed and labelled correctly. Leave these in a location where they can be easily found and located.

2. Bathroom packing materials:

Liffey moving can supply many of your packing materials from cardboard boxes to wrapping paper and tape.

If you have waterproof bags or other packing items, consider using these for added protection.

Get in touch with Liffey Moving about any specialist items and we can discuss the best methods that you can use for bathroom packing.

3. Begin bathroom packing:

Due to the small number of items, you can often pack your bathroom last, however, this is entirely up to you and the Liffey Moving team will work to your schedule.

Keep necessary items such as toothpaste medication and shower supply easy to reach.

Begin packing electronics and bulky items first as they can take up the most space.

Use the appropriate boxes and filling paper to ensure that items don’t move and are safe throughout the move.

Remember to pack all cords and spare parts in the same boxes so they are easy to locate upon arrival.

Label all of your items correctly, such as electronics, fragile items, liquids etc.

This will help the Liffey Moving team stack and arrange items safely when transporting them to your new, New York home.

Try to pack your bathroom items according to type, such as cleaning supplies, toilet and shower items etc.

Don’t place liquids near electronic items.

4. Liffey Moving and Your Bathroom packing

Even though it is one of the easiest rooms to pack, due to the unique shape of many bathroom items, they can be difficult to arrange.

Get in touch with Liffey Moving should you have any questions.

Liffey Moving provide professional, high quality moving services throughout the New York area.

We can also arrange with our partner's long-distance moves and white glove moving services should you require them.

Contact Liffey moving today with any queries, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

We provide free moving estimates and are fully insured to carry out all manner of moving works.

Article written by James

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