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8 ways to Avoid Delays When Moving

By James

Moving can be hectic if one is not prepared in advance. Most people tend to overlook some basic rules when it comes to moving. If you can avoid delays when moving it is best to do so as it can add stress and make the process a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

Liffey moving has put together this checklist of how to avoid delays when moving abroad and interstate. These are not the only rules to following when avoiding a delay but they sure will help. Many of these tips can be applied to the smallest move, but they are often overlooked as people view the wider picture than the smaller important details.

How to avoid delays when moving interstate:

If you want to avoid delays when moving interstate, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1.   Write a perfect moving plan.

You must organize your move. Failing to plan is planning to fail, so decide whether to get Liffey Moving or conduct a DIY move. Write down what to dispose of, give away, and what to carry. This works both for the moving company you choose and if you decide to do it yourself. Although we recommend using a company as it makes life a lot easier.

Aiming to avoid delays when moving means you need to hire a professional company to assist.

2.   Consider Hiring professional and reliable movers.

Liffey Moving are the best option for an interstate move. We make moving easy and smooth because we have done this countless times. Nevertheless, it is imperative to conduct a thorough background check of the moving company before engaging.

We have put together a checklist of what to look out for in your moving company. Remember the goal is to avoid delays when moving so choose wisely is important.

3.   Take care of your bills.

Make sure that all your bills are paid before you decide to move. Getting chased by your old service provider can warrant unnecessary stress.

Included in this list is your payments to your moving company, read over all your terms to ensure that they cover everything that you are looking for in a moving company. Discovering issues on moving day can lead to delays and issues arriving at your new premises.

4.   Make an inventory.

Make a list of all your belongings. Write the condition of each item and label them in an easy-to-read way for your professional movers. By knowing what we are handling and where it is going, we can avoid any delays on moving day.

Liffey Moving will also make our inventory so we can crosscheck everything once we arrive ensuring nothing is missing or damaged.

Internationally Moving Tips

Long-distance moving requires caution because a single mistake can lead to drastic delays that wouldn’t even compare to interstate moving.

1.Give the correct details

  • Always provide the correct and detailed information to avoid shipment delays, for example, the model, manufacturer, or the quantity of the goods.
  • Provide the actual value of the goods to help in getting the right insurance cover. Don’t minimize costs to reduce the cost of taxes and duties because it might lead to penalties and fines.

2.   Hire forwarders.

Reach out to logistics forwarders for a smooth delivery process. It should help save on costs and reduce transit time. Liffey Moving have many international contacts. We can help with your international transport needs.

3.   Provide the correct documents.

International shipping requires specific information such as the destination, commodities onboard, mode of transport or the moving company engaged. Here are the specifics:

  • Weight
  • Value
  • Service
  • Address
  • Declaration statement
  • Commodity

That said, anyone travelling abroad must have the following documents.

·      Passport

Only people with an official passport are allowed to travel into most countries. Provide your ID and recent picture to prove your US citizenship. Start the application process early to avoid delays at the time of the move.

·      Visa

Obtain a visa from the relevant government offices if you wish to live in another country for whatever period. There are tourist, short-stay, and residency visas.

·      An official work permits.

You would need a work permit to find employment in a foreign country.

·      Social security cards

The US embassy provides all relocating citizens with the nine-digit number to keep them safe while travelling abroad.


Avoid delays when moving ensures a stress-free move. Liffey Moving can take care of most of the heavy lifting and logistics when it comes to your move. It is up to you to remember to finer details to avoid delays when moving. Have all your documents in order and the timing correct and we will take care of the rest.

Article written by James

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