5 Ways to Declutter Your Home For The Holidays- Making life simple

By Eoin D on 11/08/2021

No one likes to see stacks of useless items lying around in their home. Declutter your home to not only make it more appealing but to also gain more space in your home. If you are choosing to move soon, then decluttering before or after you move will make everything much easier.

With the holiday season coming up you are more likely to have a lot more items and a lot less space. There are numerous ways you can choose to declutter your home.

Liffey moving has put together this guide on 5 ways to declutter your home. You can choose to do this before a big move or simply to free up some space before the holiday season kicks in. You will find that some of the ways are beneficial to both you and your community

5 ways to Declutter your home before the holidays

Garage Sales

Selling items at garage sales is an excellent method to declutter your home fast and put some money back in your pocket. When planning a garage sale, be sure you advertise widely to reach as many potential customers as possible. Aside from that, don't make your rates so expensive that neighbours can’t afford your items. Always be prepared to bargain for a lesser price when selling a prized possession.

Take any leftover items to your local donation centre when the sales are complete. Remember decluttering is the key, profit is a nice runner up.

Charity Drive

Place all of your unwanted clothing in a bag and drop them off at your local charity or thrift shop. Someone is bound to find some nice stylish ideas from your unwanted clothing.

A wide variety of charities accept gifts of household products, each of which utilizes the items uniquely or attempts to distribute them to a different group of people (or animals) in need.

To quickly declutter your house, it may be easier just to mail your contributions to a charity that takes a broad range of items rather than bringing them yourself.

This is a great way to give back at a time of the year when many families will be struggling to provide. We have a few recommendations here at Liffey Moving so feel free to ask should you be stumped for suggestions.


It is impossible to gauge just how many items you have accumulated over time until the time comes to relocate. In addition, if you've been living in your apartment or home for a long time, the number of things you have might be pretty intimidating. Donating your stuff before you move is an excellent opportunity to start over in your new home and get rid of things you don't need.

You should only move what you need into your new house, donating your old belongings to a nonprofit organization is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. If you are not moving out and but you want to declutter your home, you might consider making frequent charitable donations.

Basement and Kitchen Storage

If you realize that most of the items in your home are quite useful, it might be best to store them properly. Clean your basement, get moving boxes and place these useful items in them before moving them to the basement storage.

You can also build racks and cupboards in the kitchen to help you store more items. Remember to maximize your use of the wall spaces while you're at it.

Slowly declutter your home

It might be challenging to get into the habit of decluttering. Start by picking one or two things to give away or put aside for a yard sale each day to ease yourself into the decluttering attitude.

Don't attempt to clean and rearrange your house in one day. Decluttering in tiny increments is preferable to decluttering all day. In actuality, decluttering your house is a chore that is best accomplished over many days or weeks.

The length of time will be determined by the amount of waste you need to remove. Set aside a few five-minute chunks each day to make these judgments if you find cleaning to be excessively stressful.

When you choose to declutter your home, you make your living space more peaceful, you can give to the less fortunate and help the environment.

Article written by Eoin D

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