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Selling used furniture in NYC an easy to use guide

By James

When you decide to move in NYC there are plenty of things to consider. Costs, hiring the right moving company, utilities etc. Quite a few things which cost money, but did you know that moving is the perfect time to also make a little money. Selling used furniture in NYC is just one way.

Selling used furniture and other items can net you some money, which is great for offsetting some of your costs.

Selling used furniture in NYC can be quite easy and there are some nice benefits. Here a Liffey Moving we want to help you sell your furniture and other items and we will tell you why it’s a great idea.

The best place for selling used furniture in NYC:


Selling online has never been easier there are so many handy marketplaces. Facebook, Craigslist and eBay are just a few places where you can upload pictures of the items you want to sell.

Have a look at a similar item and the prices that they are fetching, this will give you an idea of what to charge and how quickly you can get rid of some of your items.

Kaiyo is a popular platform to sell items on and you can have your furniture removed quite quickly. The guys at Kaiyo take care of all the heavy lifting and transport. They take a small percentage for selling your used furniture. I great idea for those short on time and who need the space quickly.

A Garage Sale:

Chances are you do not have a garage, but you get the idea. With the right license and location, you can sell used furniture in NYC and other items to your neighbours or at a car-boot sale. Get your bargaining hat on, and you may be surprised at the prices you get for your used items.

What items should you sell

It is easy to say that you should try and sell all your furniture online, or all your unwanted items. But that requires a lot of planning and forethought. Moving in NYC can be difficult so there is no need to make selling your furniture in NYC difficult.

We have noticed items which our clients always manage to shift before a big move and some of these are below.


Large items that are unnecessary and take up too much space should be at the front of the list. They will save you money on transport, fetch you a little extra cash and free up a whole lot of space. This can include beds, wardrobes and study desks among others.

Selling used furniture in NYC is probably the easiest as they are the most wanted items.


Games consoles, children’s toys, TVs, laptops etc can sell quite fast on sites such as Facebook and craigslist. It’s a great chance to declutter your children’s playrooms. Maybe they can help and earn some extra pocket money from the sales.

Donating these items is also a great way to teach your children empathy for those less fortunate than themselves. We’ll have a look at some options a little later.


Everyone has plenty of clothes that they always plan to wear but never do. Now is the time to cash in, for designer clothes this is especially true. Many men and women are always on the lookout for a great deal. So, while you are selling your furniture in NYC why not get rid of some fashion brands.

Even if they are not designer, somebody for sure will be interested.

Alternatives to selling used furniture in NYC.


Not sure if you will make any money from your items or simply want to donate. A lot of charities and institutions would love your unwanted items. Pickup please, the catholic charities of New York and many others are always on the lookout for unwanted clothes and other items. Charities may be able to start selling used furniture in NYC that you donate.

Thrift stores:

Thrift stores are an ideal alternative to selling used furniture in NYC. Some will take items as donations whereas others may be able to pay you a small amount for the items you bring.

Chat with the owners and see if they can arrange a pickup for you to make life easier. Otherwise, you may have to plan this yourself.

The benefits of selling used furniture in NYC

  • Decluttering and freeing up space in your new home or business is ideal. It’s a great way to start new without bringing all those items that you hardly use.
  • You will make a small amount from the sales, or at least someone in need will benefit from your donations making in a win citation for many.

Selling used furniture in NYC and other items is easy, but we recommend planning so all your sales are made before the team from Liffey Moving come in the help you move.

Article written by James

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