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5 Easy Steps for your Moving in Checklist

By James

What happens after moving into your new house? Often there is an understandable adjustment period, but what about the necessities, what should you prioritize? Having been in the moving industry for over two decades we have found having a moving in checklist often helps new homeowners and office managers.

There are a couple of things that you need to take care of before you can settle down. To ensure that you do not miss anything important we have put together our moving in checklist that you can use as a base.

1.   Carry Out a Full Inspection of Your New premises

Before you can even unbox your luggage, the first point on your moving in checklist must be to inspect your new premise. Take inventory of the items already in the building. Confirm if the previous occupants left them behind or if they are yours and you simply forgot about them during the move.

Evaluate the cleanliness of the room and take note of the areas you will need to focus on when doing your general cleaning. Inspecting your new house is vital because it helps you determine what to get rid of or keep. Finally, create a floor plan to guide the placement of furniture and other luggage safely as you unpack.

Since your purchase dust may have built up or a leak may become noticeable. It’s important to attack these issues early making the moving in process that but easier.

2.   Cleaning

A clean house undoubtedly cultivates a warm and fresh ambience. Whether you are shifting into a brand-new home or an old one, cleaning your house before unpacking is usually a great way to feel more comfortable.

When cleaning, pay more attention to sensitive areas such as the bathrooms and the kitchen. If thorough cleaning of your new home seems overwhelming, you can engage a professional cleaning company. Whichever way you choose to do your cleaning, ensure it is done before unpacking to mark a fresh start in your new home.

Though your professional movers at Liffey Moving cannot help you clean we are more than happy to help you move furniture and other items that may be getting in the way. Another item to add to your moving in checklist that is easy to take off.

3.   Unpack and Set Up Your Furniture

Before moving into your new house, you must have had a clear picture of how you wanted to arrange your furniture in the new house. Having such a layout makes settling in much easier.

The exciting part about moving into a new home is that there is enough time to explore all possible arrangements. After setting up your furniture, the next step is to unpack. Individuals have different ways of unpacking. While some prefer working from one room to another, others prefer to unpack the essential items first.

As part of your moving in checklist have at least a general idea of where you would like things to go. This will help your movers and you settle in much easier.

Unpacking and setting up furniture is the most exhausting and time-consuming activity in a move. Fortunately, some movers have this service included in their moving package and you do not have to worry about doing it yourself. All you need to do is to give out specific instructions on where these items can be set. 

4.   Check-out Your Essential Amenities

Settling in a new house without basic amenities up and running can be challenging. To avoid this, ensure all the utilities such as the smoke alarms, electricity, and water are in place and functioning. It is vital to create a list of the utilities you had in your previous home to compare with what you should have in your new homestead. Also, this step includes putting everything under your name.

We suggest making this a priority even before you make your moving in checklist. These items and services are important and should be registered at least a few days before your move.

5.   Ensure Everything Arrived at Your New Home

This is an essential step that you should conduct carefully as you unload. Before moving from your old home, you will need to create an inventory of all your household items to counter-check with while unpacking. Counterchecking at this point is necessary because it helps ensure everything made it to your new home safely. In case anything is missing, let the moving company know immediately.

Relocating to a new home can be quite challenging but creating a moving in checklist to guide you through the move makes it seamless. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring professionals to do it a moving in checklist helps track the tasks and ensure nothing is left out.

Article written by James

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