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Understanding Your Moving Quote- The simple 3 step method for an easier quote

By James

Understanding your moving quote is one of the first steps in choosing the right moving company. You should know what you are getting charged for and what additional fees may occur.

Each moving company will have standard fees, plus additional charges for certain roles etc. Check out this guide to help you with understanding your moving quote.

Not all quotes are built the same. But this will give you an insight into what fees you should be expecting.

Understanding your moving quote- The types of estimates:

Check with your chosen moving company about their estimating system. There are several methods used to produce moving quotes, here is a glimpse of how they work.

Non-binding moving quotes- This is generally a best guess for the cost of your move, according to your moving company. Costs may be considerably higher on the day. It’s important to know which type of estimate you’re receiving from your moving company. Understanding your moving quote is better when broken down into more detail, like the next estimating type.

Binding moving quotes- These are formed through a thorough examination of your move. Estimates are much more precise and will be similar on bill day. This style of estimating gives you a far better understanding of your moving quote and associated costs.

Biding-not-to-exceed quote- This is the maximum price that you are expected the pay. You may end up paying less. This price is generally calculated by weight and additional services.

Understanding your moving quote- Associated costs

Understanding you’re moving quotes means understanding the costs associated with each move. Not all moving companies use the same methods so it’s important to ask each potential moving company about their specific fees. Here is a general guideline to help you with understanding your moving quote.

Travel expenses - The further your NYC moving company must travel the higher the fees. For long-haul moves expect fuel, labour, admin fees etc. Talk to your chosen moving company about all associated costs before hiring them.

The size of your move - The more belongings you have and the bulkier the items, the higher the cost. That is why we always recommend decluttering as much as possible during your move. The more labour and number of vehicles required will greatly impact your moving quote.

Packing services - Most moving companies will offer packing services, but if you have the time, we recommend doing it yourself. For office moves, it is better to hire professionals to speed up the process.

Specialist services - White glove moving, specialist packing, and machinery use, will all incur additional fees. It may be necessary to hire additional staff for certain moves. Be sure to include all items you think may need additional services so your moving company can accurately calculate charges.

Storage in NYC - Understanding your moving quote may incur additional fees, it may be prudent to use storage options for a time. Though a continual fee, it may be substantially cheaper than moving services. Liffey Moving have many storage options throughout NYC. Get in touch with the team and we can find suitable storage options for you.

Moving supplies - Liffey Moving can supply you with some moving supplies, but it may be necessary to purchase additional packing items. This can be done by us, or you can purchase these items yourself. It’s important to have the correct packing materials so always check in with your moving company. This saves on both injury and damage issues should they arise.

As you can see there are quite a few nuances to understanding your moving quote. This list is not extensive, and there are other fees including- holiday moving, liability insurance, tipping charges etc. Always ask if you are unsure about some fees.

Understanding your moving quote-Methods to save on your moving quote

Now that you have a better understating of your moving quote and some of the fees involved, you may be wondering how to reduce some of these fees. Thankfully there are a few methods that can help reduce your quote.

Choosing a time and date -The day and time of your move can impact your quote greatly. Weekend and holiday moves are generally more expensive, as too are early morning and night moves. If you can, choose a weekday and have an open schedule for your move.

Packing materials - If you require a lot of packing materials, purchase reusable items or bulky recyclable goods. This way you can reduce costs and reuse items throughout your new home or office. Though a small portion of your quote, cost reductions anywhere are always good.

Plan - Pack and plan strategically so you have fewer items through donations and garage sales. Reduce the weight and number of boxes to reduce labour costs. Organize your property manager so you have access and elevator privileges speeding up the process and time spent during the move.

Shop around - There are several professional moving companies in NYC. Read reviews, ask friends and family for suggestions and compare quotes. Any moving company worth its salt will provide you with a competitive and accurate quote.

We hope our Liffey Moving guide to understating your moving quote has been useful. If you have any questions about your next move, please get in touch.

Article written by James

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