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Top Places to Move in 2021

By James

Moving is a huge decision. People need to move for many reasons. A person might want to take a new job, get a better education or just move closer to family and friends. If you are thinking about moving, you'll want to explore the many inviting possibilities. Many places have lots of advantages. That might include a thriving economy, access to public parks and beaches and plenty of things to do on a weekend. It might also include an affordable housing market that allows people to settle down and start a family. Here are some of the top places to move this year.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Historic Raleigh, North Carolina sits firmly in the middle of the Research Triangle area. That makes it a good choice for those in the educational field. With three colleges in the area, there's always something to do any day of the year. The region also offers a pleasing climate. If you don't like the cold and snow, you'll fit right in. Residents appreciate many amenities that allow to get outdoors and still keep to social distancing requirements. This is also a safe city with a low crime rate and lots of regional housing choices.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is another popular option and with good reason. It's the capital of Texas and the capital of many things as well in the entire area. Austin is widely known for their live music scene. People who looking to break into the music industry or enjoy having access to lots of varied concerts can make their home right here. Those who are looking for a job with a great company will also find it in this metropolis. The community is home to many major American companies like Apple and Dell, making it easy to find a wonderful career path.

Toronto, Canada

If you are thinking about moving to Canada, Toronto is a great choice. Laid back Toronto sprawls across Lake Ontario’s top northwestern shore. It's a city on the move and headed for a bright future. Over two and a half million people choose to make Toronto their home base and for good reason. This is the most populous city in Canada. It's a magnet for people all over North America. The cool winters and relatively brief summers mean a climate that won't increase your utility bills. Green homes are common here. Toronto has lots of parks and plenty of indoor activities you can enjoy with friends and family.

Boston, MA

Boston is one of the best places to be if you're in search of education. Home to over a dozen colleges and universities, Boston is one of those places that has done well even in the middle of a pandemic. Technology and healthcare form two other industries that offer lot of job opportunities for the well educated grad. If you love having access to outdoor spaces, Boston is another great place to head this year. The city comes in very highly on the list of Public Land’s ParkScore rankings. Every resident can find a park within a ten minute walk.

Atlanta, Georgia

Those who want to find a place to live that has lots of potentially lucrative job opportunities should put Atlanta high their list. Many companies such as The Home Depot make this place a good city to get a head start on your career. City officials are also thinking about ways to ensure that the community always has a means of stepping out into open spaces at all times. The Atlanta Beltline project means acres of parks, trails and money devoted to providing public art for people to admire.

Columbus, Ohio

Ohio has a place in the American heartland. Columbus is one of the most popular cities in the state. If you're in search of an affordable American housing market, this is one of the first places to look. The average housing price is just over 200k, making it a good place for a family in search of a welcome starter home. The city is a good combination of an urban area and yet one that isn't too crowded or uninviting. Columbus is an ideal city for someone looking for long term roots.

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Article written by James

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