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Tipping movers|Our simple tips for the best tip!

By James G

When it comes to tipping movers, you may be wondering how much you should tip them. There are no set guidelines. Tipping is almost always discretionary, hinging on how hard your crew worked and their attitude and demeanor through the move.

Picture the scene, your move is almost complete, the foreman is just wrapping up your move and finalizing the paperwork. You begin to wonder how much you need to tip your movers! In our experience, your movers would never expect more than 5-20% as a tip for a local residential move.

For example, for three movers working on a $4,000 move, a $150-$200 tip split between the crew would be more than sufficient. They may not even expect anything at all! So it's a good way to make someone's day!

If your crew worked for a grueling 4 days straight around the clock. packing, wrapping, hauling and loading up the truck for your move to Arizona, then the movers would massively appreciate a tip.

In saying this, it is totally discretionary - we know moving needs to be done on a tight budget and nobody wants to overspend.

Tipping movers: do you need to do it?

Let's see: is tipping movers really necessary if they get paid by the company anyway?

If your movers have shown up on time, in uniform and worked hard and fast throughout your move. Coupled with a positive, obliging, helpful attitude, without incurring a single speck of damage after hauling your items up and down flights of stairs. And then transporting across the city. Tipping movers, in that instance, would be a good way to way to show your gratitude.

Your movers will be so thankful if you gave them a little extra for the work they have done. Tips can be given directly to the foreman of the crew. He will then split evenly among the movers, or you can pass out tips individually.

Like any occupation in the service-industry, movers are appreciative when they get a little extra for the back-breaking work they endure each day. Their professionalism and efficiency should be the main driving force behind your decision to tip your movers.

What if you feel like not tipping movers?

We've all heard a moving horror story. You know one where items have disappeared or where a 200-year-old painting got crushed in the back of the truck. These would be clear no-tip situations, if you had a poor experience in general with a move.

Where the unlikely scenario of your movers turning up late, rude, and careless, then it would be acceptable to not tip.

In saying this, you should always vet and background check a moving company based on their credibility and past reviews. A top moving company, such as Liffey Van Lines, that prides themselves on a seamless customer experience like ourselves would be a safe bet for a top notch move.

So, do you really need to tip your movers?

Moving is tough, physical work. While our movers do get a salary, they do work, on average between 10 and 14-hour shifts every single day. They carry out each move with the utmost professionalism and care as they move you from A to B!

Tipping movers would be a great way to reward a job well done, anything is a bonus, be it a cash tip or buying lunch for the movers, it is absolutely discretionary.

As always, get in touch to arrange your next move, we'd be happy to accommodate, whether you're moving locallylong distance or you're moving your office, give us a call on (212) 410 3500!

Article written by James G

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