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Packing your garage: 3 ways to make the best of it

By James

Few homes are blessed with their own garage in New York, but should you be lucky enough, or if you are making a long-distance move, this packing your garage guide should help make planning and packing that bit easier.

When looking at moving to New York, many people will be downsizing or making big changes to how they live. Unless you are in the suburbs, chances are you will be living in an apartment, one without a garage.

It is important to factor this into your packing your garage plans and what you will do with all of your belongings.

A lot of the time a garage will double as a storage unit, so the chances are you will have a lot of random parts.

With that being said, Liffey Moving are here to help you with as much as possible. So, let’s get started on our packing your garage guide.

Packing your garage, the easy way:


This is the most important part of packing your garage, decluttering is more important here than in any other room in your home.

Why is that?

The chances are that many of the items in your garage have not been used for a while: your children’s toys, unused tools, broken furniture, bags of dog food etc, we have seen it all stored in the garage.

Use this time to clear as much as possible.

Go through every item and group them into unusable throwaways, quality items that can be donated or sold and those you need.

Remember the more you get rid of, the easier it will be to pack and the cheaper it will be overall for your moving expenses.

Sell your car, that old computer all those cookbooks, things you have no intention of using when you move to the Big Apple.

Having the opportunity to downsize like this doesn’t come that often. You will be surprised at how much you collect over the years.

Where to sell or donate your stuff:

There are numerous apps and online stores in which you can sell your stuff, but the most popular remain Facebook and Craigslist.

Make sure to place your items up early so you can sell them before packing day.

If you can’t get a good price, lower your price some money is better than none.

Check out charities that accept donations and see what they need during the year, perhaps you have old items that they can put to good use in helping the community.

Packing your Garage:

As the items in your garage can be varied and come from all over your house, aim to label and pack the items according to where you would like them unpacked.

Perhaps you will not have a storage space in your new home, so it’s important to have each item labelled and in the right location.

This will ensure you can unpack and get settled as soon as possible.

Put similar items together, such as fragile items and glassware in properly labelled and packed boxes.

All your electronics should be placed together with all cables in the corresponding boxes.

Should you need any packing items, simply get in touch with Liffey Moving and we can help you out.

Liffey Moving and Packing your Garage:

Liffey Moving are happy to help out where possible. Should you need added storage space, assistance in packing and moving awkward items or if you are unsure what to do with unwanted items, feel free to get in touch.

We operate year-round and can provide long-distance, white gloves and numerous other methods of transport for your property.

Article written by James

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