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Moving to New York | The 3 best up-and-coming neighborhoods

By James

Moving to New York is something that nearly everyone has thought about in their quieter moments. It is such an iconic global city, with incredible job opportunities and things to do and see.

However, the idea of moving to New York can feel a little overwhelming, similar to other global cities like London or Tokyo.

If you don't have any friends or family already living there, it can be a little tricky to gauge where to live. What suits one person might not suit another, so at Liffey Van Lines we're giving you the lowdown on the areas to look at if you're looking at moving to New York.

Moving to New York | 3 neighborhoods to check out


Look, you know it and I know it. Somewhere in Brooklyn had to feature in here, regardless of the fact that it has become a byword for skinny oat flat whites and beard oils.

But at Liffey Van Lines we cater for one and all when it comes to moving to New York. Greenpoint is the middle-ground between those looking to leave Manhattan and those not quite at Williamsburg-levels of Brooklyn-itis just yet.

A relatively laid-back part of town, Greenpoint has the restaurants and nightlife that makes NYC one of the greatest nocturnal cities in the world.

The likes of Sama Street offer incredible Asian cuisine with cocktails almost-literally on tap. If that whets your appetite, The Moonlight Mile offers some of the best scotches in town.

Greenpoint might not be the cheapest place for rentals, but there are still bargains to be found. If you want to experience moving to New York in all its glory, there are few better places.

Jackson Heights

Located in north-west Queens, Jackson Heights is a place to check out if you're looking for the multicultural New York City experience. Studies show that 167 different languages are spoken in a ridiculously small area.

So if you're looking for diversity and exposure to new people, new food and cultural experiences, few could be better placed than Jackson Heights. There aren't many places you can have Colombian arepas for breakfast, Bangladeshi bhuna for lunch and pizza for dinner!

Aside from the sights and sounds, Jackson Heights' proximity to Manhattan makes it a good choice for those looking to get into the financial and commercial center of the city. You're just an E train away.

But why leave for work when there is so much to do in Jackson Heights? Espresso 77 is just one of the spots that host live music and drinks and - as the name suggests - do great coffee during the daytime. There are also beautiful historic buildings that make the area a great place to be.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens

The New York Post has deemed Prospect Lefferts Gardens - or PLG to those in the know - one of the last affordable Brooklyn neighborhood with park views.

So what can you do while you're there? PLG has become something of a hive for those tired of the crazy prices of Manhattan, and those who have come to raise families. So you'll find a lot of restaurants, cafes and easy-going streets with a lot of artistic flair.

There are a lot more green spaces than other parts of NYC, so bike rides, relaxing walks with friends or games of soccer are easily-arranged. PLG is also a center of the Caribbean-American community, so there are plenty of Caribbean food joints and bakeries, too.

There are a ton of amazing places to look at when you're moving to New York - these are just the start!

Oh, and if we can help you move - get a free quote and give us a call.

Article written by James

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