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Moving From New York to LA with 4 easy steps

By James

LA is one of the liveliest cities in the US, with about four million people. Half the size of New York City, there are few things you need to consider before moving from New York to LA.

  1. The climate changes.
  2. Tax brackets and real estate cost.
  3. Driving and traffic rules.
  4. The cost of living.
  5. Job opportunities.

When you answer these questions and still consider it the best city for you, what comes next is your decision on the ideal neighbourhood for you. Whether you choose Downtown LA, Hollywood, Silverlake, The South Bay, Beverly Hills, Echo Park, The Valley, Glendale, Culver City, or Pasadena, be sure to find a place that matches or exceeds your life in New York.

Moving from New York to LA may be one of the best decisions you ever made. So, how do you plan a move to this lucrative city of entertainment?

How to Plan a move from New York to LA

Correcting any last-minute relocation mistakes on the move from New York to LA can be expensive because you are moving cross-country. So, these simple guidelines will help you get your things together in time and make your relocation less stressful.

1.   Be Prepared

Downsize the number of your belongings because it will reduce your transportation and storage costs. Get rid of the items you don’t need for your new life in LA. You can liquidate all these items by advertising them online or through a moving sale a few weeks before you leave.

Keep in mind that you’d need to do a formal relocation notice to all your professional relations about the move well in advance. That means every significant person in your life besides your friends and family.

  • Inform your bank or creditors about the move.
  • If you’ve children, ask for school transfer letters.
  • Keep your employer in the loop.
  • Let your current landlord know about these plans, but not on the last day.
  • Update your address with the relevant authorities for your documents.
  • Arrange for a temporary storage unit in LA to hold your stuff before you settle.

Remember, if you’re not planning your move ahead of time, then you’re planning for it to fail. A move from New York to LA will take time so plan correctly.

2.   Start Packing

Hire a qualified moving firm with outstanding customer services and that can handle fragile items—if they have additional services like white glove moving, furniture assembly, carpentry, and restoration; the better. Just like here at Liffey Moving

Only work with certified and authorized moving companies. At Liffey Moving we believe in only offering our clients the best service possible. This includes the above-mentioned services and much more. Check out our tips on choosing the right moving company and you will be certain to pick us.

Most moving companies offer insurance options that protect your items against moving accidents or damages. It may take you weeks or even months of planning if you choose to execute the entire move by yourself.

3.   Consider Transportation

Driving your car from New York to LA might not be a good option due to the long-distance and challenges you might face on the route. First, it will take you several days to get to LA, and the accommodation and meal costs will make it expensive. Therefore, it would be cheaper and more convenient to ship your car and take a flight to LA.

On the other hand, driving would be easier if you either cut across the Midwest by taking the 2800-mile route or drive to Florida. Be ready for ice and snow through the mountainous region if the move is during winter.

Otherwise, if you’re not feeling adventurous, we recommend you take a short and easy flight from the airport.

If you do decide to drive there are plenty of scenic routes to take from New York to LA.

4.   Unpack Slowly and Settle

Start by unpacking your critical documents and put them in a safe place. Tip the movers if he’s a lifesaver and take some time to acquaint yourself with your new neighbours. Think about getting your California driving license and registering your car.

Familiarize with the streets and neighbourhoods by driving around and spot ideal schools, hospitals, grocery stores, supermarkets, or chills pots. Also, try to identify a fun thing you may want to try in LA.

If you plan to move from New York to LA, you can get a free quote today. You will also get all the help you need for a swift cross-country move. If something is too difficult for you, then trust the professionals.

Article written by James

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