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Moving From New York? 5 things you better know

By James

Ever considered moving from New York to Chicago? The age-old debate about which city is better between New York and Chicago still rages on. While both cities are awesome to live in, they differ in the features they hold dear. New York is popular for its fast-paced lifestyle, diverse culture and on the other hand, is infamous for sky-high living costs. Chicago is a cheaper place to live in, is bigger geographically compared to New York and allows for easy trips to our northern neighbour.

Moving to a new city is no small feat and given that New York and Chicago are roughly 800 miles from each other, successful relocation will require proper planning and organization. When moving over such great distances, the services of professional long distance movers such as Liffey Moving can come in handy. When moving from New York to Chicago, there are several aspects that one needs to take into consideration. 

5 things to consider when moving from New York

1.   Choose an Ideal Moving Expert  

Moving out requires plenty of planning and more forethought than most people assume. When moving out from New York, it is important to ensure that you have the right experts helping you out. While it may seem expensive to hire a professional moving company to help, the alternative is worse, especially if you have special equipment such as a pianos and other valubale items.

Special appliances require special handling from experts and trying to move such items without professional help could cost you thousands of dollars and who knows how much stress. There are plenty of reputable moving companies in New York that can help you relocate successfully. When you have large items like furniture and electronics, it is wise to seek help from professionals. 

Always do your homework and ensure you settle for a moving company that knows what it takes to move your items over long distances successfully. 

Have a look at our tips on choosing the right moving company.

2.  Where to Purchase Moving Boxes 

The importance of moving boxes cannot be overstated. Moving boxes not only protect your items from adverse weather conditions but are also relatively easy to carry. Before moving from New York to Chicago, you should first ensure you have enough moving boxes for all your items. While moving boxes come in different qualities, it is wise to settle for the highest quality boxes, which are often quite sturdy, waterproof, and ideal for carrying special items such as artworks and TVs. These boxes can easily be purchased from Amazon or the moving company you choose to engage for the move.

Liffey Moving also offer our customers moving boxes which we can deliver straight to your door. If you have specialist equipment, be sure to let us know and we can try and arrange some alternative packing choices.

3.   Research Your New Neighborhood 

Chicago is an awesome place to live in, but not every neighbourhood will be best for you and your family. Before moving from new York to Chicago, you ought to do your homework first and decide on the type of neighbourhood you want to live in. The biggest mistake people make when moving into new towns is making their decisions based on preconceived notions about the neighbourhood. 

While financial stability greatly determines where you choose to reside, it is worth remembering that a nice estate further improves your quality of life. Doing your homework about the neighbourhood, you want to settle in lets you understand its history, and which will help make you a good and respectful neighbour. This will help you settle into your new life and make a house feel more like home. Ensure you do plenty of research before moving from New York.

4.   Get Your Finances in Check  

In comparison to New York, Chicago is a relatively cheap place to live in. Expenditure on housing and food is way lower than in New York. If you are permanently relocating to Chicago, you should ensure you save up enough money. Emergencies can catch anyone off-guard, and it is always important to make sure you have made the necessary preparations for such eventualities. 

Moving from New York can be affordable if done correctly and by using the best moving company in NYC, Liffey Moving.

5.   Availability of Opportunities 

Moving to a new town comes with unprecedented challenges. If you have a big family, your biggest concern will likely be money. The only way to resolve money problems is to have a steady and well-paying job or business venture. Before moving from New York, ensure you have a reliable job or business venture that will sustain you. 

Healthcare is another critical factor to consider when moving to Chicago. Moving from New York means that you will leave behind all your primary care physicians and must find new ones. You will have to find several other health experts such as dentists, opticians, and dermatologists for you and your family. 

All in all, moving provides a chance for a fulfilling life in a new place, which could mean a fresh start. We wish you the best as you settle in and make new memories in Chicago. 

Don’t forget any queries you may have about relocating from New York to Chicago can be answered by our team of professional movers.

Article written by James

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