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A Moving Day Plan To Save Your Day

By James

Moving day is coming, and for that you need a moving day plan.

After a long time planning, searching for a new home, and organizing days off work, moving day is right around the corner.

While moving can be stressful, our moving day plan will ensure that you are organized, and things line up in an orderly fashion.

First step, make sure to choose a moving company that will provide you a detailed moving day plan, moving estimate and inventory for everything in your home. That way, you know the movers have recorded all your items and will also look after them. Pro tip - be sure to get a guaranteed price from a mover, doing this will also help prevent any potential price changes at the last moment. 

Moving day plan: get a Recommendation 

Sure, Google and Yelp reviews are essential. However, you’ll have better luck trusting word of mouth from friends and family. In other words, if someone you know had a great experience with a moving company, maybe start with shortlisting that company and let them know you were referred to the service.

Get a Guaranteed Price 

As mentioned already, you will want to get a detailed inventory list and a guaranteed price. However, always read the fine print to make sure that the price does not change.

Ensure basic insurance is included and if you might need any additional services. Things like this can alter the price of your move, but be sure to choose a mover that is as transparent as possible.

At Liffey, we provide a guaranteed price on all of our moves, so your moving day plan is ours too.

Planning for Boxes 

Now, if you are moving within New York, a few duffel bags and suitcases are all you might need with some creative packaging methods. However, moving companies also have moving boxes for which you might be charged extra.

As part of your moving day plan, make sure you know exactly how many boxes will be needed so that you can budget for them. 

Have You Got Insurance?

And no - not just moving insurance. We mean building insurance! Most residential apartments and buildings will require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) as well as Workers Compensation from your moving company if you decide to hire one.

For your moving day plan, be sure to check with your super or building management ahead of time. The added stress of your building not allowing your movers in because you didn't get a COI will make your day a whole lot worse!

Luckily - at Liffey, we ask you this way in advance so as to avoid this scenario. This gives you plenty of time for you to check with your building, and also for us to obtain the correct COI.

Empty all Your Cabinets and Drawers 

Movers are often working against the clock, and they would appreciate it if you emptied all the cabinets and drawers into boxes. Doing this also helps prevent any damage to your furniture. Now all that’s left is for the movers to transport the items, which are now lighter and more manageable.

Rain and Snow Check 

In New York, the weather can turn nasty at a few hours’ notice, so make sure to check the weather before moving. Find out if it is going to be snowing or raining. If so, you can take several precautionary measures like laying down some salt. However, some movers will delay the move if it rains heavily or driving isn’t safe under the present conditions.

That’s why you want to make sure to keep in touch with the moving company if there is a chance that the weather isn’t going to be favorable. 

Confirm The ETA!

You're all set!

The day before a move, we will always call you to confirm the time that our moving truck will arrive. Efficient planning equals an efficient move.

If you are moving soon we'd highly recommend getting in touch. We offer a totally free estimate for your move and there's always someone at the other end of the phone willing to help.

You can contact us on +1 (212) 410 3500,, or you can request an online quote here.

Happy moving!

Article written by James

One comment on “A Moving Day Plan To Save Your Day”

  1. Your most helpful tip was definitely the one about emptying drawers and cabinets and how that can help your moving service in the end. With how much stuff we have in our closets and storage drawers, making sure they're empty and easily transportable is definitely an important thing. I'll make sure we do all of this before we hire a moving company in the area that can help us out when we start relocating.

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