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Move Belongings to A New Country in 3 easy steps

By James

A smooth move of belonging to a new country is something we all wish could be stress-free. Unfortunately, with shipping costs, trade rules and different moving companies this cannot always be the case. Whether it’s a big or small move there are always things to consider on both sides of whatever border you choose to cross.

Liffey Moving has been helping to move belongings to a new country for years. We have built up trust with partners in many countries and understand the concerns and questions posed by our customers.

So here is a list to help you unwind the labyrinth surrounding A move of belongings to a new country. The main tip is to start planning.

Firstly, we will have a look at a few things you should consider and then, of course, your moving options for a new country.

How to move belongings to a new country

Budget for Moving Costs

The basic costs will include packaging, shipping, storage, and settling expenses. If you choose to hire a moving company, your total costs will be inclusive of labour, insurance, and fuel.

Restrictions and Licensing

Some of your items will require some extra paperwork to enter the new country. Try not to move belongings to a new country with major restrictions.

Pay for Custom Duty and Taxes

Most of your items will be allowed duty-free if they meet the immigration and health requirements of the country. Trying to move belongings to a new country without the correct paperwork can cause major issues.

Insure Your Belongings

Some of the items you may want to move out with might be better disposed of and replaced in your destination country. If you, however, wish to take them with you, make sure that they are well covered by insurance. Most moving companies insure all the goods based on the current market value of the goods and the risk that comes with such a move.

Modes of transport to move belongings to a new country.

Overseas Freight

Moving overseas by freight often involves a move to Europe, Asia, or South America. Thankfully being based in NYC will help. The cost associated with freight movement often involve container hire and transport fees depending on the weight and size of your items this can vary widely.

Overseas freight can take quite a long time and it's important to factor this into a move of you to a new country.

Most moving companies including Liffey Moving have partners worldwide. We can assist you in arranging, packing, and transporting shipping containers. Containers can sometimes be split between groups to share the cost and maximize space efficiency.


Airfreight is much more expensive to move belongings to a new country. That is unless it is a small number of belongings, or you are moving for a short period. It may be possible to combine Air and Sea fright if you arrange, packing, pick up and organize ahead of schedule.

It’s important to remember there are many restrictions on the type and size of luggage that an airline can carry.

Talk to that team at Liffey Moving and we will see what the best option for you is.

Overland freight:

Being part of the continental US also comes with a third option. Crossing between Mexico and Canada to and from the US allows us many options to work with partners in both countries. Overland freight and truck transport can be cost-effective depending on the distances and freight options involved.

Liffey Moving can assist with both interstate and international transport of your belongings to a new country within the continental US.

Things to consider when you move your belongings overseas:

A few often-forgotten items can cause some issues when you plan to move your belongings overseas:


Even though they are part of the family pets are often one of the last things to consider, check with airlines, transport companies and your vet about all the particulars in moving your pets to a new country.


Is it more prudent to sell your favourite car or do you want to transport it overseas? It’s important to remember the taxes and charges that will be involved.


Storage may be a better and more cost-effective option for some of your items. Liffey Moving have storage facilities throughout New York and this may be a better option than trying to move your belongings to a new country.

Aiming to move belongings to a new country in a rush will never work. Once you know your new destination get in touch with Liffey moving and we can discuss all your packing, transport, and storage options. We take the hassle out of long-distance moving and make sure you have a wonderful experience with our team of professional movers.


Article written by James

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