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5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy During A Family Move

By James

A family move is an exciting and challenging time. Whether it is due to an impassable job opportunity or you are looking to move to a bigger house or apartment, shifting homes is sometimes a necessity in the big city. As ecstatic as you may be, you may realise that your kids are not as receptive to the idea of moving as you are.

Whatever the situation, the importance of preparing your children for the move cannot be over-emphasized. The younger they are the more confusing a big move can be, this stress you can do without when moving in NYC.

Over the years, Liffey Van Lines has learnt a few things that we can share with you.

In this insightful piece, we highlight how you can help your children transition and settle in smoothly.

Family move | Tell them early

Communicating with your children before the family move is a great way to avoid any nasty surprises, especially as children prize familiarity.

Hold a family meeting and tell them about the fact that you are moving.

To ensure a transparent process, allow them to ask questions and be honest.

No matter how important the move is, children might not understand. So, you need to prepare for both positive and negative feedback.

Make Them Feel Part of The Process

In most cases, children have no control over such huge decisions. These feelings might leave them feeling helpless. However, to make kids feel powerful, allow them to make significant decisions.

For starters, they can choose their new bedroom's wall colour. Additionally, if you need to only move with a few of their belongings, allow them to pick which ones to pack. Doing so shows that you value their input, which may trigger feelings of excitement, allowing them to be more welcoming to the idea.

Allow them to pack a few important items and they will feel part of the process.

Get Them Excited About Their New Neighborhood

If possible, you can travel with your family to the new area before the actual moving day to ensure they familiarise themselves with the neighborhood and the new house.

However, suppose this is not a possibility. In that case, the internet is an invaluable resource that allows you to browse attractions in the new town. Allow your kids to see parks and other fun places that they can visit as soon as you shift.

Fire their imaginations

While they might be concerned by the move, or leaving their friends, kids have active imaginations that can work in your favour.

When you're preparing for the family move, get them to visualise what they want from the new house. It can be a new group of friends, or getting a pet.

The key here is to make them aware that the move might be daunting, but there are a lot of positives for them to be excited about.

Maintain routine

Most adults consider moving an opportunity for a fresh start and would want to try out new stuff. However, for children, it is best to maintain a routine.

If you always dropped them off at school, continue doing so. If Sunday dinners were a tradition, continue. 

Doing things, you used to do brings familiarity amid the big move, allowing kids ample time to settle into their new lifestyle.

For older children, if possible, allow them to visit their friends occasionally. That way, they will few less anxious. 

Understand that kids may grieve. Do not keep on insisting on the need for them to be cheerful about the move. The best course of action is to let them go through all the stages of grief and be there to support them.

Moving in New York City can be stressful, but with a little planning and a few choice talks, the move can be made easy.

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Article written by James

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