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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Moving Company?

By James G on 01/27/2021

If you live in New York City and you & your family are planning a relocation, you may be wondering, how much does it cost to hire a moving company?

Worry not, unlike most NYC Movers, we provide you with a 100% Free, Guaranteed Price for your move, based on exactly what you are moving.

Though you still need to do your homework to ensure that not only are you’re getting value for money, but also that you are hiring trustworthy movers with clear, verified positive reviews to back their credentials up.

Because, regardless of whether you are moving just down the street, across the city, or maybe to a new state, or perhaps you're moving internationally, having the peace of mind that you know how much your move is going to cost in advance, will make the entire process a whole lot less stressful.

Just ask your local NYC movers, and they’ll be able to tell you endless tales about people who’ve ended up in a financial mess on moving day because they accepted a "too good to be true" price & ended up paying extortionate amounts of money upon move completion.

Be sure to shop around, be sure to select a full-service moving company that is A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau like we are, fully licensed and insured, registered with the DOT and also be sure to check their reviews on Google.

Every property move is unique in its own way, and your movers will have their own specific costs when they are doing their estimates when pricing your move, so be sure to settle on a price that is fair and legitimate based on what you're moving. We have outlined some price factors to consider below when hiring a professional mover.

Price Factors to Consider

The cost of your move depends on many factors which your local NYC mover will take into account – this includes:

  • Hourly vs Fixed Price Estimates - if your move is pretty small, then you could opt for an hourly rate move and hire a handful of movers by the hour. Using the hour per mover rate, it would give you the opportunity to do the bulk of the packing & prep work to save yourself a few dollars. This is a perfect solution if you only need a truck and set of strong hands. If you are looking for the complete hands-off solution, it is wise to opt for a fixed price.

    If you're moving an entire 3 bedroom apartment, it would be wiser to have a move consultant come to your home, or carry out a virtual survey so they can provide you with an exact, down to the cent cost that your move will be. This price will include a team of movers, packing materials, a truck & also an estimated amount of time required for your move.
  • Stairs - surprisingly enough, a flight of stairs or multiple flights of stairs can complicate a move significantly and therefore, make it more time consuming. When you request a quote from us we will always ask about stairs at either your current apartment, or at your new apartment. We don't want to have a surprise pivot moment from Friends...
  • Distance – If you're moving three blocks away or just a couple of miles upstate, your move is going to be a lot cheaper than if you're moving three or more states away! The overall distance of your move plays a large factor in quoting your move, as more distance means more fuel & more hours required for the movers. If you require an additional stop either to pick up or drop off items, you will be charged an extra stop charge. 
  • Weight – if you are moving long-distance, the weight of your shipment becomes a key factor in the price of your move. Depending on how many pieces of furniture you have, how many boxes or other miscellaneous items you are moving. The total weight of your move will become a deciding factor when moving cross-state or if you are moving internationally. As an agent for Allied Van Lines, we can walk you through the whole process to ensure you are clear on the cost of your move way in advance. 
  • Inventory - if you have large, bulky items or expensive artwork that will require special care & attention to crate, pack, secure and safely load onto the truck, these fees will likely increase. Large grandfather clocks or pool tables or complicated chandeliers are all examples of items that will have an additional cost involved given their complexity. Other specialty items or fragile items that need special care will increase your move cost. 
  • Insurance - when you move, it is wise to opt for additional insurance. Each of our moves is covered by basic liability insurance, but in the rare event that an accident happens in this unpredictable world, it can offer you the extra peace of mind that your belongings & valuable items are insured against unexpected damages. If you are interested in exploring your insurance options we advise speaking to us on the phone so we can guide you through the process.
  • Packing Materials - the amount of boxes you will need packed, taped and moved will also be a factor in your move cost. It is advisable to toss out anything you don't plan on moving. When you do  start to pack your items, you’ll need to factor in the cost of cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. – your movers can supply you with these, but they will charge. We have an entire guide on moving boxes right here.
  • Time of Year - The summer season of April to September is infamous for being both stressful & expensive to move during. If you have a choice, it is wise to prolong your move until winter. Winter is a lot cheaper, but it is advisable to contact your moving company way in advance. If you have no choice but to move during the summer, we advise contacting us at least 6 weeks in advance so that we can get your estimate scheduled and all of the paperwork done up. More importantly, we can make sure that we have your move date available!

As you can see, there are many factors that go into pricing a move. The cost of packing materials, cost of fuel and the hourly cost per mover is always factored into the price when you get a fixed, guaranteed price.

If you require additional packing services or unpacking services, you will need to let us know in advance so that the price can be adjusted accordingly. Long distance moves and interstate moves are usually more expensive than most short-distance moves given their nature. 

In summary, shop around! But be sure to watch out for the low-ball prices. There are so many horror stories of other companies holding your belongings hostage until you pay up. It is best to contract with trustworthy, reliable and local NYC movers

Liffey Van Lines, Inc. has been moving residents around and out of New York City for over 45 years now. Rated A+ by the BBB, we recommend giving us a call & obtaining a free quotation for your move.

We can be reached by phone at (212) 410 3500,  by email at, or you can request a quote online!

Article written by James G

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