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Best ways to pack up your backyard when moving cross-country

By James

Large items such as patio furniture and grilling equipment can be tricky to prep for a big move. Proper preparation will ensure your patio furniture survives its trip across the country and is ready to enjoy in your new backyard.

Patio Furniture

First, you need to thoroughly clean and dry the furniture. This will prevent you from finding any surprise pests or mildew when you are unloading at your new home.

Start by removing cushions and washing any removable fabric covers. Then, thoroughly spray off water-proof furniture and allow to dry completely before preparing for transport.

T​he best packing materials for large patio furniture are large moving blankets. Wrapping each piece in a blanket protects both the patio furniture and other items around it in the moving truck. If you have metal patio furniture, it may be scratch resistant but is likely to scratch other items it's stored beside if not secured properly. Secure blankets to the furniture with packing tape or bungee cords to keep them protected throughout the moving process.

I​n some cases, it may be best to disassemble large furniture. This can help the furniture take up less space in the back of the moving truck. After disassembly, package and label any hardware that will be needed to reassemble the furniture at your new home. Securing necessary hardware to the accompanying furniture will help you easily find it when you need it for reassembly.

W​hen you arrive at your new home, your patio furniture will be easy to unpack so you can start enjoying your new backyard.

Grilling Equipment

T​he first step to prepare your grilling equipment for a move is to remove any small pieces, racks, or accessories. Wrap these items in bubble wrap or paper and package in a clearly labeled box. This will keep these items from falling out of the grill or getting misplaced in the moving process.

Additionally, be sure to remove any charcoal or gasoline from your grill. It is not safe to transport any flammable materials on the moving truck.

After these items have been removed, it's time to thoroughly clean your grill. Cleaning both the interior and exterior of your grill will help with pest and mold prevention. This makes it even easier to put your favorite grill to use as soon as you arrive in your new backyard.

Once the grill is clean and dry, it's time to wrap it securely to prevent damage in the moving process. Start by securing the lid and any doors shut with tape or bungee cords. If your grill has a thick, fabric cover this can be used to prevent scratches in the moving truck. If it does not have a cover, consider wrapping it in a thick moving blanket. Use tape or bungee cords to secure whatever cover material you choose to use.

When covering your grill, try to leave handles and wheels uncovered to help in the loading and unloading process. Once loaded on the truck, be sure the wheels are locked to keep the grill in place.

Following these steps, you'll be ready to unload and start enjoying your new backyard in no time.

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Article written by James

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