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9 Handy Items Every New Home Must Have

By James

There are items every new home must have to make the move that much easier. Moving into your new home is an exciting time. When all the hard work is done and the Liffey Moving team has all your items in place, it's time to relax and enjoy a night of watching movies and having midnight snacks. But this may now be the time that your notice you are missing items every new home must have.

Small items you have probably overlooked or simply forgot to put in the right place. Liffey Moving has put together this small list of items every new home must have so you can have them in place and enjoy your first night in your new home.

Some may be obvious, and others will have been completely overlooked

9 Items every home must have

Light bulbs

Check, check and recheck that all your rooms, lamps, bedside dressers and cooker lights are working and in order. There is nothing worse than trying to navigate around a new home in the dark. Be sure to purchase a few additional bulbs for when the bulbs you have blow.


Remotes, game consoles, clocks etc all require batteries. There is a high chance, during your move that you may misplace batteries or spares so purchase new ones immediately.

That way you can play some games or watch the tv in peace on your first night in your new home. Of all the items your new home must have, ensure your children’s are nearby. It will help with the move and if it doesn’t these children’s tips will.

Welcome mat

A welcome mat is an essential item for every new home. You have two major benefits; you can keep your brand-new floor clean and dirt free and you also truly put your mark on your new home.

Throw away the overused one you have had for years and get yourself a new map for all the neighbours to see.

A few other touches may include pictures, shelving or item Wishlist items for your new home.

Coat rack

Perhaps one is already installed, but if not, get yourself a coat rack so you can place it near your front door. That way all your guests have somewhere to put their jackets and keep your rooms from getting wet. Coat racks are often overlooked but you don’t want to bring your damp clothes all through your home.

Cleaning products

One of the essential items your new home must have cleaning products is probably not on the list. Cleaning products both for your home and person are must-haves for any new home.

Put together a list of the kitchen, bathroom and general cleaning supplies to keep yourself and your home in top shape. You should be having plenty of visitors, so of course, you will want the place shining.

A toolbox

We're sure your home is in perfect condition, but it is always useful to have a toolbox around with a few essential items. Of all the items every new home must have, a simple toolbox will come in the most useful. They will come in useful both for repairs and help with putting together furniture and other items.

Bottled water

When moving into your new home it’s always a good idea to have fresh bottled water. Just enough for a few days in case, there are any issues with your water treatment and how you can use it. Someone utilities can be delayed, and these can cause many issues, by having some bottled water on hand you can ensure a nice transition.


Cables and wires for all your devices will come in handy. Ensure you have them in an easy to reach location. It's also important to have leads and extension cables in places where you need them.

A new home will take a little bit of getting used to, but at least you will have some easy ports for all your electronics.


On moving, day food is usually the last thing on your mind. That is why it’s important to have some ready-made meals for moving day. Having your microwave set up and ready to go is one sure way that you get some tasty food.

Even if it is just out of the box, get your microwave-ready and you can have a great meal while you unpack the rest of your belongings.

This list of items every new home must have is not exclusive and of course, everyone will have their take on what they need. These are what Liffey Moving have found the most useful over the years and we hope you do too.

If you found this useful and want further movings tips, read our blog.

Article written by James

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