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8 Appliances Every New Home Must-Have for a Carefree Move

By James

Moving into a new home can’t be a daunting experience. Whether you choose one of the five boroughs or go a little further out of the Big Apple there are a few appliances every new home must-have.

With all the planning and preparation that goes into moving - from packing to organising insurance and buying everything we need - some things can be forgotten.

At Liffey Moving our job is to get all your items into the right place. But what happens if you do not have these items? What if they have been accidentally thrown out or you simply forgot to purchase them?

It's not the end of the world - the appliances every new home must-have can be easily purchased.

Appliances every new home must-have

Each room of the house has its different wants and needs - so we've broken things down by the most important rooms in the house.

Wth these appliances every new home must-have, you will be set - even if it's just the basics.


Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils should be at the top of your list of appliances every new home must-have.

Imagine sitting down to your first meal in your new home and realising you've left the knives and forks elsewhere?

If this is your first home or a major move, perhaps you should clear out your old items and purchase a new set of cooking utensils.

Should you have items that you are holding onto, label your items properly and the team at Liffey Moving will ensure they are put in the correct place.


A microwave for a kitchen buff may be sacrilege, but after a long day working in the office, it is a treat sometimes to heat up last nights takeaway or enjoy a bag of popcorn.

Put a microwave on your list of appliances every new home must-have - we are sure you will enjoy many nights where the stress is taken out of cooking.


A lamp

Winding down for the night with a good book is made all that easier by having a quality bedside lamp for you to read from. Should you have a home office then this will come in doubly handy. To save some space simply move your lamp to where it needs to be rather than purchasing multiple lamps for your home.

Study locker

What good is a bedside lamp if you have nothing to stand it on? A sturdy locker can hold all your valuables within arm’s reach and keep your bedroom somewhat tidy.



The chances of you not having this on your list of appliances in every new home must-have is pretty small, but it still happens. Ensure you have a nice sized mirror to complement your new bathroom. Get ready for a night out without running from room to room checking on yourself.

Toiletry bag

From your first night in the house, to those nights where you may be on the move for work or vacation, a toiletry bag for your lotions and potions is always a useful thing to have.

Living Room


Although you might have air con, a fan is a great appliance to have.

Get a nice breeze in your living room when hosting guests and save on some air con costs, particularly during those warm New York nights.


The last item on our list of appliances in every new home must-have is speakers. Great for entertaining or when watching a movie, a quality set of speakers are great for any living room. Why not play your favourite music while you unpack?

Liffey Moving and the appliances every new home must-have:

We are not recommending that you go and buy all of these items, of course, some are essentials, but the rest are just great comforts to have.

Whether you are buying new or bringing your old belongings Liffey Moving is here to take the hassle out of your moving into your new home.

We hope our list of appliances every new home must-have has helped.

Article written by James

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