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7 Easy Steps for a Cross-Country Move?

By James

If you are planning a cross-country move, then good for you, a new life and job must be on the horizon, or perhaps it’s time to retire to sunnier climates. Making a cross-country move from New York or any other part of the US is a big deal. There are a lot of logistics involved so it’s important to plan your move accordingly. Moving cross-country should be an enjoyable experience, but stress can get in the way and we aim to make sure that does not happen.

The fear of the unknown is a wonderful thing. Knowing exactly how to pack and where your items are going to land does not have to be part of that. That’s why Liffey Moving is here to help.

Whether it’s a valuable item or packing tips, we know what to do. Cross-country moves are something of a speciality for us, so here are a few tips to help you.

1.Lighten your load.

To make it easy on yourself and your finances you need to carry what is necessary. Long-distance moves are charged depending on the weight of your items.

The trick is to donate or sell what you do not need. Beds, clothing and miscellaneous items can always be both in your new state. Let Liffey Moving know what needs to go and we may have some suggestions for you.

Storing your items is always a great alternative and we can also help you with this.

2.Make travel arrangements.

Hire a cross-country moving company with plenty of experience. We bring decades of moving expertise and will ease the stresses associated with the process, especially a long-distance move.

Now that you know how your items are going to get there, don’t forget to plan your trip. Flying, greyhound buses or even a car should make the journey fun, even with your kids. Here are some moving tips for kids that might come in useful.

3.Know if you qualify for deductible moving expenses.

If your move is work-related, you may qualify for deductible moving expenses. Be sure to keep all your receipts. They may be what gets you a much-needed break during the tax season.

Check-in with your work and ask some colleagues if they qualified. It never hurts to save a little cash when you can.

4.Re-evaluate your budget.

The cost of living in Chicago is far better than in many neighbourhoods in New York. It’s important to check out where you are going to be living and the savings you can make.

Most people making a cross-country move are usually going to be making a saving, but that’s not always the case.

Have a look at some of our articles related to cross-country moves and the available budget options.

5.Regulations on moving items across state lines

States have different regulations. Familiarizing yourself with the laws governing moving items across state lines is important.

Guns are an example of such regulated items. However, did you know that nail polish remover, paint thinners, and fertilizer are things you need to dispose of before moving across the country?

Check-in with Liffey Moving and we will provide you with any guidance we can on items that may need to be declared that may need to be left behind.

6.Plan your pet's relocation.

How about your furry friend? You are not just going to take it to an animal shelter, are you?

To relocate with pets, you need to get all their documentation ready, including health certificates. Some states have strict policies about moving with pets and being prepared will further enhance a smooth move.

Go to your vet and ask about any medications, the safest way to transport your animal and if they have any connections in your new home should you need the services of a pet when you arrive.

7.Help your cross-country move professionals

Remember to correctly label and pack all your items so your Liffey moving team can get to work right away.

We have packed, stored and moved items of all sizes and can assist you with almost any item.

Labelling heavy and fragile goods helps us and you and we do appreciate it when everything is packed and ready to go on arrival.

Getting your cross-country move on the road in a fast and efficient time is at the heart of our service and we hope you enjoy your new home, wherever you land.

Follow our tips and we are sure you will have a stress-free cross-country move and who knows maybe one you will even enjoy.

Article written by James

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