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6 Easy Meals for Moving Days

By James

Everything is packed, the Liffey Moving team are in and getting’s items loaded, bills have been paid, but there is one thing you forgot. Your food and drinks.

Trust us when we say that this is a very common occurrence. Often food and cooking items are the last items on people’s minds. That’s why we have put together this list of simple meals for moving days and snacks that you should consider.

Moving days can be long and stressful. You might not have time to go for a meal. Having some ready-made meals for moving days will tame your hunger and make the day run much smoother. So, what are our choices of meals for moving days?

Simple snacks for moving days:

Let’s start with the basics of what you should have in a picnic basket on moving days. Fruit, energy bars and juices are all ideal treats to have throughout the day, full of energy and great for heavy lifting and moving about. Make sure to have enough for yourself and the rest of your party.

Although they won’t keep you full, on a warm summer’s day or cold winter evening you will be glad for that little burst of energy. Yoghurts are also a perfect and small snack to have on moving days.

But what if you want something more fulfilling.

Simple Meals for moving days

Chili con carne or with vegetables

You knew this was going to be on the list, but chilli is a simple go-to favourite for many. Prep with your favourite ground meat and vegetables, add spices, tomato, beans and hot sauce and sour cream to flavour. Add a little rice if you are feeling a little more adventurous.

Hearty and filling chilli is an ideal choice.


A soup of any kind will make a great meal for moving days. Find your favourite recipes or use what is left in your kitchen to make a tasty soup for you and others. Soups are a great way to empty the last of the kitchen foods and leave nothing to waste.


Easy to make, filling and another ideal way to empty the kitchen cabinets. Sandwiches can be made for individuals, or you can simply choose what everyone is having. Empty the fridge and cabinets and build yourself one tasty tower.

Stir fry:

A vegetarian or meat stir fry, involves a wok, some sauces vegetables and some spices to flavour. Make your stir fry as large or as small as you like, and you can make it last for a few days.


Probably the easiest one on the list. Get your favourite pasta and sauce, cook them up and put them away for later. Great for a quick meal and energy burst and ideal when using your favourite sauces.


Should you have emptied your fridge already? No fear as a simple salad with tasty dressing should clear up any hunger pangs that you may be facing. Pop down to your local store and grab the greens that you love.

Fruit Salad or smoothies:

Making yourself a tasty fruit salad or some smoothies for moving day can also be a nice treat. Simple and easy to make, just dice mix and/or blend your favourite fruits into a container and enjoy them throughout the day. One of the easiest meals for moving days by far.

Long Distance Moving:

 For those of you undertaking a long-distance move with Liffey Moving, we suggest that you set aside a budget for meals and snacks.

With the amount of work that goes into cross-country moves happily, some nice meals should provide at least some comfort for you during your trip.

There is nothing better than sitting down for a tasty meal after a long days’ work. Trust us our team should know.

Simple meals for moving days are perfect for short moves throughout the city, or perhaps your first day during a long trip but that’s it.

What to remember:

The main thing to remember with your meals for moving days is to have them prepared in advance in clean and easy to access storage boxes.

It may be possible that only the microwave is accessible for a few days so make your meals for moving days last if you need them.

For other tips and tricks on moving and packing, check out the blog here at Liffey Moving.

Article written by James

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