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Moving at night in NYC: 4 simple steps

By James

As a city that never sleeps, moving at night can be a tempting thing to consider..

On the streets of NYC, you can find everything from all-night grocery stores to 24/7 plumbing and moving services.

Moving apartment or office after dark in NYC comes with problems and opportunities, so we have pulled together some expert tips for moving at night.

So if you are looking to take advantage of the convenience of moving at night in NYC, there are a few things that you need to know. 

4 things you should know about moving at night in NYC


What are the best times for moving at night?

Traditional working hours for movers are between 7am and 9pm. Night movers - or 24/7 movers - are available after 9pm and offer their services to those who prefer to move during the night or moves before 7am. 

Moving at night may prove little more costly, as convenience can cost. The old adage is that moving is the second-most stressful experience of your life - so taking as much worry out of the situation is often well worth it.

Chat with the team at Liffey Moving about moving at night to see if it will suit you.

Reducing stress

If you prefer moving at night then you’re reducing the strain on your professional life. We all know that vacation time is precious, and nobody wants to take a day to move boxes and haul your stuff across the city.

One way to cut down on moving night stress is by preparing a “moving night suitcase”.

This should contain your essentials -phone and charger, clothing, necessary medications, and whatever else you feel you cannot go without. Having a set of bedding is also a good idea. 

If you’re moving your family, consider checking your partner and kids into a hotel where they can sleep and refresh while you spend your night with the movers.

This way, you can avoid cranky, tired kids and irritated partners. Or, ideally, get your partner to move your stuff instead!

Light & noise

When you’re moving at night, it can beriskier for yourself and your movers - but by taking care everyone can stay safe. 

It is a good idea to keep a flashlight with you just in case your new home has not been set up with electricity. Headlamps are usually easier. 

Make sure that you can keep your moving session within the NYC Noise Code regulations, which restricts noise from 10pm to 7am.

If the building you’re moving into was built pre-war or has tight spaces, we recommend letting us know so that we can be prepared with all the equipment we need to get the job done quietly. 

How to prepare for moving at night

Preparation is key. It’s best to avoid leaving anything to the last minute when it comes to moving - especially when last minute. could be 3am.

Pick up the keys for your new home or office before you meet with your movers or, if you’re meeting with the building owner or broken on-site, be sure to double-check that the details of the meeting are still relevant to both parties. 

Be prepared with extra supplies, tools, and any other items that you could need during the moving process. This is important because it’s incredibly hard to find stores that are open past 9 pm (especially if you’re looking for tools or something of the sort). 

Moving at night in NYC is a process, but it doesn’t have to be a hard one.

We have five decades of experience moving thousands of families across the five boroughs - call us today to see how Liffey can help you.

Article written by James

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