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Piano Movers in Long Island- Helpful Moving Services

By Eoin D

Liffey Moving have been piano movers in Long Island for over 20 years.

We know the ins and outs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Long Island. If you are looking for an affordable paino movers in Long Island, New York, that meets all your moving needs, look no further.

We specialize in white glove and bespoke moving across the city and state. So when you are looking for piano movers in Long Island or fine art and musical instrument specialists, look no further.

About our Piano Movers in Long Island

Moving a piano can be a challenging and delicate task. Pianos are heavy, bulky, and fragile and require special care and handling to avoid damage during transportation. That's why you want to hire professionals with experience.

Liffey Moving can assist you. Our piano movers in Long Island are trained and experienced in handling all types of pianos, from uprights to grand pianos.

In addition, we have the specialist equipment and knowledge necessary to move pianos safely and efficiently, including padded moving blankets, dollies, straps, and ramps.

When hiring piano movers in Long Island, choose a company with expierence and a reputation for quality service.

You can call Liffey Moving now, or read on about some of our other speciality moving services.

Speciality Moving Services from Liffey Moving

In addition to piano moving in Long Island, we offer a wide array of speciality moving services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our speciality moving services include everything from delicate artwork and antiques to transporting large and heavy items such as safes and hot tubs.

We use specialized equipment including cranes, hoists, and custom-built crates, to transport large and fragile items to ensure all goods are transported safely and securely.

Having been in operation for over 20 years, we understand what the people of Long Island need in a trusted moving company.

For these reasons, we continually expand our services to meet the needs NYC.
Some of our other speciality services include:

  • Last minute- Looking to vacate your apartment or office space at short notice, don't stress and let Liffey Moving do their thing. Last minute moves can be stressful. We have experienced professionals who have dealt with all manner of challenging situations. Call our team, and we will work with you to solve any issues you may have in your office or home.

  • Fine art- Similar to piano moving in Long Island, fine art requires a lot of attention and care. We provide crates and packing utensils for artwork be it paintings, drawings or sculptures. We pride ourselves on the care we provide to our customers and their valuables they entrust to us.

  • Furniture- Luxury and antique furntiure can be difficult to move. Liffey Moving can help you plan your big move and provide storage solutions should you require them. We deal with everything from luxury store furnishing to apartment renovations, and relocations.
  • Hourly rate moving service- If you are unsure of costs or are unsure how your move will go, then hourly rate moving is always a good choice for office and home moves. Talk to our team, and we can work out a plan and cost plan that suits your needs.

We continually aim to exceed our customers' expectations. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

So do you need a piano mover in Long Island?

Whether you're moving across the street or the country, hiring the right moving company can make all the difference. This is especially true when moving pianos or other unique items. Go with a company you can trust, one with experience and time to help you.

Looking for a piano mover in Long Island does not have to be a difficult task. Choose Liffey Van Lines.

Article written by Eoin D

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