Peak and Offseason Moving in NYC-When is the best time to move?

By Eoin D on 10/29/2021

You may not think it but even moving in NYC comes with its peak and offseason moving differences. A few variables affect your costs, the space you can rent and how difficult it is for your moving company to do their job. Peak and offseason moving in NYC falls generally into the two categories of winters and summer moving. This will help make some of our explanations below a little easier.

Each period comes with its pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide when is a good time to move, whether it’s an office or home move. The caveats are almost the same for peak and offseason moving in NYC. Everything is based on price, space and availability-oh and the weather place a factor to.

Time isn’t a luxury when you are considering relocating. By choosing the moving season wisely, you may improve your budget a little and gain more attention from your chosen moving company.

When deciding on the ideal time for a move, here are a few factors to help you settle.

Peak and Offseason Moving In New York Citty

The Weather

Would you rather tramp back and forth in a snow blizzard or have a clear pathway under the shining sun? The idea of soggy boxes and squishy documents is devastating. The weather is a big factor when deciding on peak and offseason moving.

In New York City, the weather is unpredictable, starting from September through March. Rain, snow, and harsh winds can hamper any move. This is generally off-season for many moving companies, as many people are less inclined to face the harsh weather conditions.

Warm months are peak seasons for moves. Most people prefer to move when the sky is blue and the weather more predictable.

With that being said, the offseason is when you are most likely to catch deals regarding moving, storage and rental prices.

Office Space Cost

Whenever you’re considering a move during summer and spring, one caveat is that office space tends to be at a significantly higher price.

You should look at signing a lease contract during autumn and spring, known for low rental prices in the city. Office space rent begins to hike in May and peaks in July.

Should you wish to save on office space or find lower rental costs, then the offseason may be the time to search.

For business owners choosing peak and offseason moving is based on costs and savings to be made.

Rental Availability

Rental activity always surges during summer. When moving, there is always the concern of available space. Availability in New York city flows throughout the year, with some months having more free space than others.

Office spaces tend to open up more during July and a few months before or after. This is when rental prices are at their peak. Availability of office space to rent starts dipping through fall and tends to hit the floors in December. This is also when the rental prices are most affordable.

The same wave proves true for most residential properties. Many leave the city during winter or choose this as a time to reallocate permanently.

When deciding on the ideal time to relocate, you will have to gamble between availability and cost.

Time of The Month

In NYC, most lease contracts are terminated towards the end of the month. It makes the last few days of each month and the first few of the new month peak seasons for office relocations. On these days, movers are in the highest demand and consequently the busiest.

Moving mid-month will most likely give a chance to negotiate lower prices with movers because they’re in low demand. If you consider moving in the middle of the month, start looking for office space early in the preceding month or before and give your property owner a one-month notice.

Snagging the Best Moving Company:

As with rental prices, the weather and availability, peak and offseason moving affected the companies you choose to work with.

To get the most from your moving company. Have a moving plan in place, your location secure and most importantly provide advanced notice to your chosen moving company. It gives us plenty of time to plan and make your move as seamless as possible.


There are numerous factors to examine before deciding on peak and offseason moving. It is best to schedule a move during the offseason to lower your budget and enjoy the advantage of clear moving comapny. As daunting as moving might sound, it is a rewarding process. Whatever motivation you have for your office relocation is of great benefit to your trade. It will bring with it new beginnings and inject new energy into the workforce.

Article written by Eoin D

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