5 Items Your Moving Company won't Move

By Eoin D on 10/04/2021

What your moving company won’t move is not exactly how you want to start a conversation at Liffey Moving. However, due to safety, laws and regulations, there are just some items your moving company won’t move or simply cannot move. Being informed of what we can and cant be moved will save you time and planning.

There is very little that we will not move in New York City, but there are a few items. This does not take away from the benefits of hiring Liffey Moving as your New York moving company.

Before we delve into what items your moving company won’t move, let’s look at why you should hire us.

Why You Should Use a Moving Company in New York City.

Contracting Liffey Moving offers a host of benefits, including secure transportation, reliability, and speedy relocation.

We offer storage solutions, packing tips on our blog and decades of experience moving in New York City.

We have become accustomed to moving companies that manage everything from furniture, fittings, and heavy machinery, just like we do. But now let’s look at what items your moving company won’t move for you in New York City.

5 Items Your Moving Company Won’t Move for You

  • Hazardous Materials

This covers the entire range of items your moving company won't move that could be potentially harmful due to their chemical composition. Movers are not allowed (and won’t) to move anything corrosive. These items include paint, cleaning fluids, corrosive dyes, and even nail polish. Any items labelled as ‘hazardous in any way are prohibited in the moving truck.

We ask you here at Liffey Moving not to pack any of these items and to inform our team both for our safety and that of your property. These items your moving company won't move are both for your safety and ours.

Small spills of corrosive items can do a whole lot of damage during the moving process.

  • Perishable Foods

You may be tempted to carry leftovers from breakfast on the day you move, or better yet, your fridge’s contents. This is a no-no as well. In addition to the risk of contamination, movers don’t want to bear the responsibility of perishable foods going bad in transit.

Dairy products, including fresh milk and cheese, meats, and other foods stored in a refrigerator, containers, or otherwise, cannot be transported by Liffey Moving.

Empty your refrigerator and dispose of the contents or throw a party before you pack up. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

If you feel like you will be hungry during the move have a look at our tips on simple meals for moving. Great snacks to ensure you are never hungry on moving day.

  • Explosives and Flammables

This should be obvious as far as safety is concerned. Whether you’re an amateur shooter or you enjoy fireworks, none of your toys can come aboard our moving trucks. Accidents can happen. Inform the team if you have weapons in the home, we do not enjoy such surprises when we are moving your items.

Your moving company won’t move such items as it can be illegal and our team are not committed to such tasks.

Items your moving company won't move like lighter fluid, gasoline, and ammunition DO NOT play nice together; even the military has special units to transport these, we don’t.

  • Valuables

Your moving company may not under some circumstances accept to manage your expensive jewellery, stock certificates, or family heirlooms of any kind. Rare stamp and coin collections, baseball cards, and paintings should be in your possession during relocation.

These items are worth a lot more than money, so damages or potential loss can be very costly in the event of an incident.

It is also important to note that while many of these items can be insured, the insurance may not cover any form of loss or damage during transit. Hence, another valuable reason to keep them away from the moving truck.

Talk to the Liffey Moving team about our white glove services and what we can do for you. We aim to not be the moving company that won’t move every item, but some are simply too important for us to manage.

  • Special Category Items

Aside from the obvious valuables and potentially dangerous stuff to move, there are some special items your moving company won't move. These are items that may require specialised techniques or personnel to move. These include but are not limited to movable homes, vintage pianos, and large machinery with many moving parts.

At Liffey Moving we specialise in home and office moves, however, we might have the contacts that can help you with your specialised equipment.

Talk to our team today. Although our moving company won’t move these items, we can help you find the people who can.


Hiring Liffey Moving will make moving a more bearable experience. A good moving company should move most of your stuff safely and with care. Knowing which items go on board and which don’t is the first step to a successful move.

The items your moving company won't move can be sorted quickly. Get in touch with us today.

Article written by Eoin D

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