5 Simple Tips Moving during the Holiday Season- Making your life easy

By Eoin D on 10/25/2021

Moving during the holiday season can be pretty hectic, especially with the harsh winters in NYC. The secret to a seamless move during the holiday season is early preparation. Given that everyone makes commitments during the holidays, why not take some time to prepare early, by booking reliable moving services beforehand?

Liffey Moving are happy to help you move during the holiday season when it is feasible. There are a few moving tips for moving during the holiday season that can make your preparation a little easier.

5 Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season:

While most of these tips for moving during the holiday season are related to winter, they can be applied to most of the big holidays in New York city such as St. Patrick’s Day and the 4th of July. Preparation and patience are key to a painless holiday move.

1.   Create a Moving Plan

For businesses, creating a moving plan may be a good option. The holidays are a great time to relocate your business. Everyone is at home for the holidays, but you need to plan your move systematically so your business is never offline. Create a moving plan by analyzing the amount of time you have before moving.

The main reason why prior planning is essential when moving during the holiday season is to eliminate last-minute rushes and stress. Having a plan in place means you pack correctly and that the team at Liffey Moving, take the correct items at the right time.

If it’s a home move your undertaking, then pack according to your needs and label everything correctly. Remember to leave out some warm clothes and bedclothes.

2.   Start packing early

If you decide to move during the holiday season, you should start packing early. Moving often takes up plenty of time and it is easy to get slowed down by other commitments.

One month is enough to ensure your items are packed correctly. When arranging and sorting your items, make sure to keep an inventory of all your items. Making a list of all the essentials and writing down their condition will help you account for any lost or damaged items on transit.

At Liffey Moving we will also make our own inventory to ensure everything matches up at the end. As time is tight during the holidays it's important to be ready to move on moving day and get the job done as soon as possible. Then we can all have time to enjoy the holidays.

3.   Hire Professional and Reliable Movers

Professional movers take care of all your relocation needs and make the whole process feel like a breeze. Since moving during the holiday season may be time-bound, it is best to go for popular moving companies with a proven track record.

You will find that here at Liffey Moving, we have a large and experienced team ready to tackle your home or office moves when the time is right. It is important to contact us in advance so we have everything in place during your move.

When you hire us, the tips for moving during the holiday season become much easier to follow as we can give you all the guidance that you need.

To find a suitable match, conduct thorough research about different moving companies before getting their services. Pay attention to reviews from previous customers or check the FMCA for any complaints made against them.

4.   Take care of all your paperwork

Moving out might come with a lot of tedious paperwork. But keep these documents safe at all times since they act as evidence that your goods are being shipped by a given mover and further specify the terms of transportation.

From insurance to inventory lists and any contracts, have these on file and make copies. Should the worst happen; you have the evidence to support any claim. This tip for moving during the holidays should be a part of every transaction and not just the holidays.

The last thing you want is to be stressed over the holiday season.

5. Check the weather first

Before settling on moving during the holiday season, it is important to check the weather reports first. Mother nature can sometimes ruin even the best-planned move if the necessary precautions are not taken. With an account of the weather, you can dress appropriately and ensure your items are well-protected.

Moving during a holiday season full of rain will force you to take extra precautions. All furniture and electronics should be covered with moving pads and plastic wraps for protection.

If the worst weather hits, Liffey Moving will give you plenty of notice and we will make an alternative schedule. More often than not, we can easily get the job done.


When moving during the holiday season, the importance of proper planning cannot be stressed enough. Consider planning weeks or months before moving out to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind. To make a move more seamless, engage professionals and ensure you get all the necessary documentation.

Article written by Eoin D

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